Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #1

"Hallow's Eve"

I've always been fascinated by Halloween. I don't know why, but as far back as I can remember I always was excited every year it came. The candy and the costumes. The terrors, hijinks and scares.

However here's my confession. I've never been trick or treating. Never really been to a costume or masquerade party. Nothing.


Well my parents didn't allow it. They don't like Halloween, never did. My dad I'm unsure to this day why he doesn't like it. My mom on the other hand was snatched by some creeper. More like kidnapped. He didn't hurt her, but he knew her name and took her purse. Then dump her purse on some playground type field and didn't even take her money or anything I'll say she was around 18 years old when that happened. Soo she's developed a life long hate for Halloween.

However they would let me dress up. Buy me candy and other things I liked. Watch some Halloween themed movies. Just as long as they weren't scary. So yeah we're talking Disney lol.

Even in all that, Halloween is still my favorite holiday. I still get excited when it comes and love all that's goes along with it. Maybe one day I'll get to to trick or treating and definitely attend a party or two. Even if I don't get a chance to do so, it'll still be my favorite holiday ^_^




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