Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Trick Women Do

Men when your woman says she's going out with friends and she stays out until the next morning—

I'mma be honest and say this. You can get mad at me, you can even I don't know how to trust someone and I'm talking nonsense. But at 4 in the morning ain't no woman hanging out with girlfriends ok!! There's nothing to do usually, expect go to a 24 hour location. Think about it this way, do you think that her girlfriends' men are okay with their women hanging out. Now if if she say she went to have drinks, why is driving alone? If she's going out with her friends, why must she drive alone? Now if if its before 3am, there's no doubt in my mind she's on the down low and you just never knew. She keeps it a secret for a reason, maybe more. But after 3am, she's not out with girlfriends—a boyfriend maybe but definitely no woman ^_^ trust me I know, I messed ariund with both lol

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