Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Conversation Gone Wrong

So as you may know that when I type up a lot of things I sometimes use words that others may not be too familiar with. I get a good many of my definitions from Urban Dictionary. Well everyday they send you this "word of the day" email. Today's word was Bug-out Bag. So I read the definition and sometimes the things they publish makes no sense.

Anyway here's the word used in an conversational example:

Joe- Dude why did you spend $500 dollars on that nasty ass dehydrated food from eFoods.com?

Russ- Well, when the biological bomb goes off as an act of false flag terror by our own government to rape us of more liberties and send us to FEMA camps for our Vaccines Im grabbing my M4 500rounds and my Bug-out Bag stocked with food, rope a space blanket and my Kobe Tai synthetic ribbed anus and vagina and heading to the hills in Grizdale.

Joe- Is it the vibrating anus or just synthetic pocket pussy?

Most people would be like what the hell is up with the M4 500 rounds and what's makes him think that someone can possible survive an nuclear warfare??? But no Joe doesn't ask such said questions. He wants to know if the fake ass vibrates or not XD.

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