Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Ramsey Rabbit

So from time to time, I take time out every other day to google myself. Mostly to see what's out there or check on how the website pops up when it's googled. You know nothing outrageous or strenuous.

So this morning I decided whilst I was googling to look at images too. Thanks to MySpace everybody would know who I am lmao!! I found a few pictures I had posted on here, Pinterest and other such said social media networks. Well I come across this "thing" and not only was I shocked by the name, I was just as disturb by what it was in the first place.

Well here's a picture of it:

Women you know exactly what this is. Everyone else you see a cute little purple rabbit right?? Yes that's what they want you to think. So this thing is known as the Ramsey Rabbit and its a sex toy if you haven't figure that out by now. It's a bullet vibrator at that. One, why or how err what the hell?? What's up with the NAME??? OMG. It's one thing to see a cute little bunny sex toy, but to find one that has damn near the same name as you do??? Shit this is worse than the Ramses Condoms!!!!

Ok so here's the original website I found this crazy thing on. Since this is so gosh damn foreign to me I decided to google the bloody thing and dammit my favorite store has it!!! Spencer's has the damn thing (available online only which why I didn't flip a long time ago) for just a mere $30! Here's the link.

Like I really don't know what to say about this. This is just too much for me and I'm just disturbed and a little messed up this morning over this witchcraft!

I'm gonna need a nap and something else to get out of this mental anguish this morning....

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  2. Thank you lol glad you enjoy the blog and this topic :)


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