Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I have a serious problem when a single man tells me I'm not good enough because sick meaningless petty crap like being way too fat or because I won't suck his penis. However on the other hand, the men who are taken are telling me I'm so wonderful. I'm pretty, gorgeous, beautiful galore. How any man would be happily overjoyed to have a woman like me in his life. How I'm soooo worth it and I better than the rest, even his significant other—

Then I can't help but think that.....well for the single guy ill never be good enough for him to want me. For the taken guy I'm too good enough and I basically interfere with what he already has. But both have one thing in common, I'm only good enough at the moment when sex becomes a necessity over a want or desire. That's when I become important. However other than that, I'm more useless than a movie extra with no parts and only half of a second screen time.

To me, in all honesty, it makes no sense. One says I'm not worth it, the other says I am. However in the underlying dialogue....neither truly wants me. In my opinion that's what hurts the most. Then people wonder why I have such a hard on about hating love, life and relationships, hmmph.

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