Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Got What You Want

Guess its time for me to say fuck it and cut my losses. I don't like people who change the subject on me when there wasn't a topic being discussed in the first place.

I like how everyone tells you to go after what you want, plan your life according and you will receive an abundance of happiness. It's so easy, that everyone has done it and there's nothing to it!

Yet when what you want isn't within your reach, at your disposal, and trying to obtain it is wasting more time and draining your life—no one seems to have a fucking answer as how to solve it. Fuck going back to square one, if I had nothing but failures then there's no point in a third time, now is there?? Hell make that any time after the second time is futile and worthless. But yet when your unhappy, pissed off and sad. They have the nerve to throw it up in your face—Do what makes you happy, go after what you want, make things happen.......that's how I got to this depressive state in the first place.

So I guess I'm wrong for falling in love with a married man and wanting him, wrong for wanting to be happy, wrong for wanting to be a productive human being like everybody else, wrong for wanting to have a baby or two of my own, and even wrong for wanting something positive in my life for once. Life's fucked up and really not worth living.

If I didn't have awesome shit to blog, I would've jumped off a bridge by now (-。-;

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