Thursday, September 27, 2012


Well I decided after many man months of speculation that I am going to diet lol. I guess my snapping point was either between the horrible heat rash I got and the fact I saw a bunch of cute clothes that no only were made for but will never fit a ginormous ass like mine.

I had mention awhile back when I wrote No Matter What They Say, that I was going to diet my way. I originally thought I would take my time and do it slowly. However since I love to eat more than life loves to screw with people, that created a few problems and hindrances. So I kept putting it off and putting off and saying one day because I am a procrastinator like my Father. When I went to the Kmart and noticed all the cute clothes and then I put this together:

I got mad because not only would I never be a six 6 but the clothes for the bigger women were so unattractive and visually displeasing I instantly got pissed and said FUCK IT ALL. I'm starting a diet October 1st. I'm really determined this time about doing this. The thought of getting another summer heat rash and on my arm again is too much!! Seems like I had one every damn year to the point it hurts like hell! I also don't want to wear ugly plum fat lady jeans with a black turtle neck. I want to be able to buy panties and bras and clothes galore that fit without a problem or it ripping or tearing. Sad thing is I'm not that big, but those that are big or just plain big and gawky they find their Circus Tiny outfit some gosh damn where but won't disclose any information. Ain't that about bitch???

Anyway kids, I plan on starting my Diet on October 1st no ifs, ands or buts about it. I plan on writing all this down too so I can later look back and say hey I did this for, look at the struggles and aren't they well paid off?? Lol. Well maybe not so fancy but close enough. I also hope that those of you struggling with weigh loss issues will find it comforting to know there's a Fat Bunny over here trying for the hundredth time again lol. Maybe you can try too. I'm not an exercise fanatic and I failed gym. But either way I'm still going to try and focus on my problem areas more than anything ^_^.

My goal is that by Christmas I'm either a size 6 or size 8. If I get close enough then I know I did good and if not that means I've got to work that much harder ^_^.

So wish me luck when October comes :D!!

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