Monday, September 17, 2012

A Blonde Bunny

So after many, many centuries I decided to color my hair. The sophisticated people call it dying lol.

It's been a little over two years since I last colored my hair and about the same time frame since I had last put a perm in it. I didn't mind my curly locks and washing it once a month and leaving it go. But it was overdue some discipline and obedience haha. I got tired of having to spend everyday combing my hair out and not to mention my ends were split bad!!

So back in May during one of those 90 degree weathered days, I decided to perm my hair. Not a good move, but desperate times call for desperate measures right?? Thus in doing so, I realized how long it had grown! I had planned on chopping it up into some awesome looking pixie. I changed my mind when I saw the length. So I left it as is. Trimmed my ends and tried to put it in a style. It takes a lot of getting used to when you go without long hair for a long time. My hair is naturally long, but around my 20th birthday I chopped it off like a boy. And left it like that and if got too long I got it cut. But it's hard to find a good hair dresser who knows what they're doing and won't mess your head up.

Anyway I decided that at some point is color it. I missed having some sort of rainbow inspired hair and I definitely missed being a blonde lol. So in the midst of being up and not having much to occupy my time with I decided to color my hair this morning. Then I'll flat iron it a bit. Maybe at some point I'll curl it up and make it look real pretty for everybody lol.

Sooo soon enough you'll have to enjoy seeing a Blonde Bunny hehehe

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