Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Welfare Office Scandal


So I thought that since I had some time left yesterday that after I dropped the car off for its yearly inspection. I thought I'd head down to the welfare office. I double check make sure I was going to the correct address.

Well when I get there. Not only did it say something completely different. But the damned door was lock. WTF is this? I tried multiple times and couldn't get in. So it said on the door the elevator is located on a different street. Basically around the corner. Ok so I walk there and I'm not finding it. I call up a number dealing with welfare.

Told that woman my problems. She retorts what do you mean the door is locked. Really?? Really bitch?? It means it's lock and won't open. She gives me some bogus numbers and I'm like ok, whatever and by this time I found the magic door. Should've just followed all the baby mama's in the first place.

When I go in, the security guard asks me if I'm here to see a case worker or something or other else. I'm like I just want to talk to SOMEBODY. So I get this form I have to fill out. I'm like really?? Just to ask two questions.

While I'm here, not only am I twisted out of my mind. But it's like a broke people reunion. But not the less fortunate type people. Those lazy asses who refuse to get a job at all. They're the ones you see dressed to impress with the finer things type attitude. Not to mention they're saddity and bougie as hell! OMG you've got to be kidding me.

Now when I got here it was about 3:15pm. It's been a whole hour and my name hasn't been called yet. However sitting here and a bit pissed off might I add. My eyes began to wander and I'm checking things out. So I notice this sign stating you need to protect your EBT card and how if you lose it or it needs to be replaced you're charged a fee of $2.50. That made me think back to a day when I was at Walgreens. This woman was in there buying snacks and shit she didn't need. So the cashier says to her you need to get your card replaced as soon as possible because it looks bad. She retorted, yea I know but that line is way too long and all them people. Then they charge too much money and then she looked my way and said you know what I'm saying?? No. No I don't because of people like you taking all the benefits people like me have to struggle T_T. I didn't know that $2.50 was so damn expensive.

Well anyway around 4:40pm, I finally got my name called. And after dealing with the lame brained top flight security guards. I go to my assigned booth. The first thing the guy asks me is:


No. No I am not. Then I got pissed off because all I could think of is that this man is assuming I'm a slut or an easy lay. I beg your pardon but I am a Lady and I wish to be treated as such. So after a series of questions with him and his asking if I wanted to vote or not. He says to me that I could receive medical benefits. Whoa-wait what I'm sorry?? Could you repeat that please??? He said because of my hyperthyroidism and how I need constant medication for it. I could've received medical help. Well here we come to the unfortunate part, I qualified for medical benefits because my illness is an ongoing condition but since I missed the 30 day limit I won't be able to receive them. Oh wow that information woulda been nice bout 2 months ago. So he said I would have to wait two business weeks to get a denial letter. Which is what I need for the free Dental Clinic. However I still got my food stamps and I guess that's a good thing. At least it'll be an extra help for me and Madea. But since they're in the process of cutting government services and programs. Anything regarding public services will be strapped and tight.

Any help is worth it. So that makes me happy. But that was just too much for me today lol I was happy to get out in the fresh air XD.


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