Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Bubble Supremacy

So after my wild adventure today. I was dead set on coming home lol. I also wanted to blow some of my bubbles and get in the groove of relaxation and pure entertainment. Not to mention that jitney ride home was just too much for me. Felt like that man's car was gonna blow up, fall apart and break down at any moment. By far the most disturbing car ride ever!

I get home and have a drink and I get the bubbles out and start to blowing. I'm having a blast! Lol. Plus who wouldn't love Pineapple and Steawberry Ice Cream scented bubbles??? So the little girl next door is watching me and ran in the house and came back out. So she and her little girlfriend from up the street are having a rift in their relationship. As she was trying to get her attention. The littler friend is playing with some other kids and cousins. The little girl next door says to me:


Then she ran in the house and gave her little friend a bottle she brought especially for her. Her friend went back across the street. So everybody's blowing bubbles. The little girl is still talking about her beautiful bubbles. Then she tried to one up me. She said to her friend:


So you know what I did??

Got my awesome bubbles out. The ones you can catch without popping them. I tell you! The kids were very envious. I was in my Glory!! The little girl next door kept trying to tell her mom about the bubbles and even sat outside until it got dark watching blow my bubbles. Her little girl friend went up the street with her cousin after being disgusted and outdone of course lol.

I was excited. May sound mean but I had to get them back for always asking me where my kids are and how come they don't see my daughter crap.

But no one has awesome bubbles like I do on my street, unh-unh no way lol


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