Saturday, August 4, 2012

Showing Support :D

Regardless of what anyone has to says. Anything offensive or derogatory said or made toward gays, lesbians or transgender people, I get upset and offended myself. I may not be a lesbian (yet lol) however I am Bisexual and I'm very proud of that and I enjoy that lifestyle. However to say that I'm wrong for even entertaining the thought let alone pursuing it....Like who the hell left you in charge??? No I wasn't born bisexual, but it was a choice. I made the choice because I was, and still am, tried of men doing whatever they want and leaving women (like myself) by the way side. Don't tell me it takes 40 years for a man to grow up and realize he wants to settle down and have kids, by that time for a woman it may be too late. Or to end up in a relationship you once thought was fulfilling and turned sour before you could say we need to end this. I also made the choice because as much as I am unlucky as far as love with me goes, I knew I didn't want to end up alone. I wanted to be with someone or anyone. Plus I also felt that if I couldn't have kids on my own, then if I did chose to be with a woman she could bear the children and we'd still live happily. I don't regret making that decision and I'm happy I did so.

For those of you who want to say how gay marriage isn't in the bible. One, shut the fuck up. Two, committing adultery is wrong, so is divorcing and sleeping with another person's spouse. I may not be a religion freak like you but don't say what's not allowed when you're the main product or reason of this fucked-up-ness. Let's not forget having children out of wedlock is sinful, as well as men disrespecting their wives. But here's another morsel to think over. Joseph's Father Abraham not only cheated on both his wives, but he had a good many of children out of wedlock. Do you still feel things are holy??

Give it a rest, let people make their own decisions and marry who they want to marry. Everyone's entitled to that. Regardless of how we may feel or think. We're entitled to our opinion, however on the same token, you need to grow up and learn to respect someone else's opinions, beliefs, and thoughts. No you don't have to like them, but respect is key.

In closing....

I kissed a girl and I liked it.
I kissed a boy and I liked it.


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