Monday, August 20, 2012


Well today I decided I wanted something different to eat. Other than the whole burger and fast food deal. I came on down to Shadyside, one of theany places I would travel to when I was license-less and had to walk it out an catch the bus. While I sit here waiting for the food. I'm looking out the vast windows this little establishment has and I'm amazed at how different this neighborhood looks to me. The same place I used to know inside and out and traveled often whether it was day or night.

It's funny how a certain about of time frame can change everything. The way things look, the feelings of the ambience. It's strange and feels unknown to me. However on the same note it feels very nostalgic. Makes miss those nights out and having fun, with not a care in the world. Living as a wild child. I miss those days, but they took a toll on my in so many ways. Makes me regret a lot of the things I did. But that's the way the cookie crumbles I suppose lol.

Until the food is ready, I'll sit here and giggle at how they're scrubbing of the grill sounds more like a squeaky bed >;D hahaha


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