Thursday, August 2, 2012

Madea's Guide To Marrying A Millionaire

My mom said to me today when we were out. That I needed to do something with my behavior and start acting better. I asked her why and she said:

I plan on getting married again. To a millionaire or at least someone who has a buncha money. I can't bring him home of you gonna act like a complete fool and scare him off.

I'm like how are you gonna get anybody if you don't go out to find one??

She said:

EASY! I'm gonna get his attention and as soon I do that. Then we're gonna get married and I'mma tell him I want to move out that neighborhood into a nice mansion. A big one two with a couple wings and stuff. However. We ain't fin to live in no outskirts, "middle of nowhere" place either. Mr. Brown Bear ain't fin to come up in my house talking shit to me and stealing food and shit. I'mma have an attitude. I wants to be around civilization but nothing like where we live with them crazy ass neighbors. But yea no country, Mr. Brown Bear ain't allowed at my house.

All I could do was giggle like crazy XD.


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