Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Learnt Sumtin

So I learned something today. Or maybe it's more of a realization of something. You know how I was on a war-path about men are so hypocritical to what they want when it involves a woman?? Well it seems as if in other countries that this really isn't the case.

No matter what foreign country they come from or reside in. These last few guys I've spoke to, seem to love women who are, as Americans call it, Voluptuous Curvy or basically a big girl or a big woman. They throw compliments left to right. Regardless of the whole I-Want-A-Green-Card Red Flag that shoots up lol. But I found it odd. That these men are able to accept a woman no matter her size, circumference of her waist, if she's fatter than fat, or chunkier than most. They just love women. It's almost like they worship them to a point. They see a potential a value, per-say. Nothing outrageous or seemingly twisted. I know that there are negative points to this. But in all honesty, it's quite fascinating that these men are able to accept women as they are and be ok with it. They don't bitch or moan about how fat she is or how she's not super model beautiful.

It would be terrific if one day American men could come to that point and accept us women as we are and be contented. Then on the other hand the world would probably be in ruins and they're just looking to reproduce lol.


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