Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunt Vee!

So this whole day was EVENTFUL!!

Not only were they shooting outside our house last night. I was searching for nail polishes and whatnot. Not to mention one polish turned my nail yellow. Then had a few mishaps as usual.

Anyway in the midst of waiting for the sunrise to come this morning. I was in the mood for breakfast. I was mad as hell the sunrise was late. It showed up an hour late. I was hungry!! My tummy was speaking in Japanese it was so hungry. To top it off, tried to publish for my 31 Day Nail Challenge. Both posts disappear and I can't get them back. No one knows how pissed I was when I noticed that shit. Then I thought that possibly that my BlogPress was having some serious technical difficulties going on.

When I finally got some daylight because after all that shooting last night, I wasn't about to go out there in the dark. When I finally got a little bit of sunshine, I was bolted out to the store because I wanted me a Egg McMuffin and a donut!!

When I get to the store—that was an experience to be withheld. Not only was some crazy old dude holding up the donuts like he owned the Giant Eagle. So I'm going to get the other stuff and there's these two weirdos following me around the store talking about everything I picked up like, "OH SHE PICKED UP MILK! OH SHE PICKED UP CHEESE!! OH SHE PICKED UP SUGAR!" Like damn excuse me for shopping like a human being. After that fiasco, I was happy to be outta there and run to McDonalds to get my McMuffin. I get there and realized I needed to stop at the Walgreens to get some fabric bandaids for my mom since she's allergic to the other kinds. Then I get there and it's like a police, law enforcement convention. I'm like OH KAY (ō_Ô). Grabbed what I needed there and head home. Had to take a break once I got there. My back been acting up for the past two days feels like it did last year!! I took two Tylenol and ate my McMuffin, hash brown and juice and was KNOCKED OUT in T-8.9 seconds FLAT!!

So my mom woke me up at one point and told me she wanted to go outside for a little bit and enjoy the nice bearable weather we've been having this past week. She strutted off somewhere and I went back to sleep. So in the midst the phone start ringing. Damn Bunny for putting it by my head lol. I woke up in a serious confused what the fuck is this. I grab the phone and I'm like when someone's name fin to pop up on the Caller ID. Then after 10 minutes of staring aimlessly I found out that my mom was paging me. Damn whoever taught her that lol. I answered and she said to me get up and get dressed, we goin to a birthday party. WTF?? What you talking about?? So she tells me it's Aunt Vee's birthday and they're throwing her a small get together. Oh ok. I'm partially here lol.

We get ready and head on over to the party. The while I'm sitting here and thinking is this a good idea?? Last time we were there grandma (who's suffering from dementia) had Madea so wound up and acting crazy. Gave me a hard time. Drove me crazy. Since there were going to a bunch of people, I knew grandma would hyper and bouncing all over the place. It was a nice dinner and the cake and ice cream was really good.

But grandma is getting it on and going on hard. I'm getting concernt. I hope tonight I'll be able to get a me a nap or peace and something. I won't have time to play with Madea tonight. I've got to work on my resume tonight I've got to get my nails ready for Day 4 lol.

In the mean time, I think what I'll do is post the first 10 days together since I'm having a hard time and just back date like I usually do. I might even put it up as a page for the menu bar in the near yet distant future.

So I'm working on the day, just having difficulties and I didn't know until after the fact. Don't worry, I'm working hard on this project. I'm loving this challenge :D.

In the end all I have to say is

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT VEE!! I hope you enjoyed your day today lol ^_^.


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