Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Foreign Creep


Foreign Creep: hi
Me: Hi there
Foreign Creep: how are you ?
Me: Good and you??
Foreign Creep: good thanks , how old are you ?
Me: That's good =] I'm 25 how old are you?
Foreign Creep: 22
Me: Cool
Foreign Creep: where are you from ?
Me: Pittsburgh the US how about you??
Foreign Creep: I am from Kurdistan in Iraq. I see your photo you are so cute and most beautiful
Me: Ohh ok nice to meet you. Thank you very much
Foreign Creep: your welcome. I want friend with you ok
Me: Ok we can be friends
Foreign Creep: ok i love you *heart heart heart*
Me: Ohh pretty hearts
Foreign Creep: ok, you can love me
Me: Well love is such a strong word. I prefer to use like for now I can like you very much as a friend maybe one day we can be best friends
Foreign Creep: ok but love ok
Me: Ok
Foreign Creep: i love you and you tell me i love you
Me: I can't do that because I don't love you no offense
Foreign Creep: i love you so much, please
Me: I'm ok with that but I can't tell you that and not really mean it. It's not right nor is it the truth. I don't love you and I won't say it.
Foreign Creep: ok i can see you ?
Me: I don't think that would be a good idea either.
Foreign Creep: i want see you please. I can give you my heart. If you want I can die\
Me: I don't think you should die over me. And no I don't think we should meet. We don't know either other, and it's not safe. You should give your heart to someone who you love and who loves you back just as much as you love them.
Foreign Creep: please i love you so much. Ok byee
Me: I'm sorry if you don't understand but I'm not going to say it ever.
Foreign Creep: ok
Me: I'm sorry but I hope you'll take time to understand ok
Foreign Creep: Let's video chat - http://rnds.me/NDgzMjIxNw/Dilwar|fc
Me: I don't video chat
Foreign Creep:why?
Me: Because it’s not safe
Foreign Creep: ok
Me: Alright
Foreign Creep: ok, i want see you. You want see me ?
Me: I don't know you well enough to see you.



Foreign Creep: hi
Me: Hi there
Foreign Creep: how are you ?
Me: Doing good & you??
Foreign Creep: good. You want look my penis now ?
Me: No I don't want to look at your penis
Foreign Creep: why? I want look your boobs
Me: Because I don't want to and don't have a need to. And no you can't look at my boobs
Foreign Creep: why
Me: Because I don't know you and I said no
Foreign Creep: Bunny's Pic look this photo you show boobs nicely
Me: That was because of the shirt I had in that day
Foreign Creep: and this kiss for your boobs, dick
Me: No thank you. No kisses and no dick.
Foreign Creep: kiss for your body
Me: No thank you
Foreign Creep: your pussy
Me: No
Foreign Creep: you are poor or no? You can send me visa card?
Me: I'm not poor nor am I rich. And no I'm not going to send you a visa card



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