Saturday, August 25, 2012


So whilst I was browsing Facebook which seems to be hella active midday—in a sleepy state because I just woke up lol. I came across a friend's status saying how when your friends need you there, you're not really sure of how to take the situation. You sympathize but you're just unemotional to know how to really handle the situation. Which is true. So a guy comments and says all women as basically emotionally unbalanced.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa—No No No!

He said women are happy one day, pissed the next, hate you and mad, and want to held and comforted. Well wait a minute you just described a fucked up crazy bitch. Those are called mood swings with an extra dose of attitude.

Like what is wrong?? Do only American Men do this?? Like in all seriousness. This is exactly what I said. They see one or two women act a certain way and then throws the whole group of women in the category. It doesn't hold true. Not every woman is like that or aims to act as such. Just because you know two chicks who give oral sex to you, doesn't mean I do. Or you know three women who gives you all their earnings doesn't mean I do. But they funny thing is they get pissed and mad when you group them all together. I'm all for that one retard fucking it up for everybody. However, it doesn't hold true and you need to be more open minded than that. Now if that's all based on chemistry and attraction—then that's a different story for another post someday.

I do it because of attraction. I attract men who are lousy and don't want a damn thing. Or the available men are either already taken or lives on the other side of the country literally. So to me I group everyone up because of the attraction and the experiences I've had with each individual case. But one underlying thing that proves right. Men are very hypocritical. They claim they're steak and yet does something completely different. What the fuck is wrong with you?? Don't tell me you want grape soda and after a big ass voyage you've changed your mind to Orange Soda. Dude you knew then you wanted orange soda don't play me dammit!



Certain things in our lives we feel emotional for. Whether its happy or sad occasion or just to empathize with someone else. Or show concern and care. It just depends on the person as an individual as to how they'll feel. Like a good example. I don't know how people who are in lousy relationships who have kids could be tortured, abused and mistreated all for the love of someone who doesn't love you or the kids. In my case I would have to let go. Yes it's hard and it would hurt. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna be victimized and abused. Reason stated or not. It's not right. I would my kids in a minute and pay alimony. To me there's not that much love in the world. It sounds harsh and wrong. But to me also I wouldn't end up in a relationship like that. Where I'm considered nothing but a babysitter to you. You're suppose to love and cherish me and our children. Yet you treat me like I'm nothing more than a maid or servant. Oh yes that's real romantic.

I guess in my case. I'm just emotionally blunt. There is a reason for that. When I did care and showed I care. It was taken for granted. When I tried to show a little bit of love and say how much love I have for whoever. It was received as hey you're cool in book and dismissed immediately after. So I grew tired of putting my best emotions out there and giving people the best of me to show them I do really care. All to be taken for granted by ungrateful people who didn't care less then a damn. Yes in a situation like that, in a repetitive state, it can turn one's heart in to cold hard stone. Never to be warmed again. But I see it as an advantage. I'm now aware not to let my emotions make decisions for me. I hate that I have to wonder if this person will hurt me or if that person will be absolutely horrid to me. I really do hate that. But in my case its for the better it keeps me safe and unharmed any further emotionally.

Reminds me of something my mother said awhile ago. She was heavily weighing on me that I need to get married. You're gonna get married one day right?? Is all I would hear. Constantly over and over and over again. Till one day I grew tired of hearing that. I didn't want to get married. I wanted to and it never happened. I'm not going to bank on a 20 year relationship or be and act desperate an receive a man who's the worse or even may not want kids. To me thats too much work. So I asked her why she always talked about me getting married. She said she was worried about me. Worried that if she died unexpectedly that the family would take advantage of my vulnerability. That I needed someone to protect and love me. Someone who will always be there for me and take really good care of me. Even as nice as that sounded, I told her wishing or even banking on something like that is hoping to hit the lottery by tomorrow with no risks or consequences attached. Even now she still mentions it. Maybe to her it turned out alright, but that's not a guarantee for everybody. See? Not everyone is meant to be the same. Given there. Are quite a few of us who have the same tendencies and actions maybe. But never the same in any way or form. In that case, we all don't accept things in an emotional state as others would do. We may not find that love story tearful. But that doesn't mean we're emotionless or mean-spirited. It's just that particular thing, case or situation moves is in a different direction that others may find offending, disturbing or careless. But that's how things work. You have no control over emotions once they get loose.


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