Thursday, August 9, 2012


My Mom told me back when I was little girl. She said I would do things, without she or my dad knowing and when they finally found out about it, it was too late.

She one of the things I did often was rummage through the refrigerator. One particular time they had purchased a good amount of apples. She said it was a fruit everybody ate. Plus oranges, pears and a few other fruits as well. Well she said one day I got into the fridge and bit off on all the fruit in there. 

Well my dad decided he wanted an apple one day. He goes to the kitchen and into the fridge. Grabs an apple and realized it was "bruise" looking. So thinking it was just that one apple he picked another one. That one also looked the same way.When he took the time out to check all the apples and realized they all loked the same way, he got frustrated and unhappy. He went and got my mom and showed her what was wrong. She said there are only one person who did it and that is Bunny. What tripped them out the most was the fact that not only did I nibbled off the apple but I put the un-nibbled side facing out so it looked and appeared as a new apple. She said that I did that to all the fruit. All the fruit look like a map of the globe lol. 


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