Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ain't It Funny

I know I'm nothing special. But I'm good at things that others consider silly or trivial. However when I see other make an effort and try for something, I cant help but point out the flaws. Yea, you get an A- for effort and a C+ because an attempt was made. But then I have to think, in true comparison of one another. You may have the reputation and social status I lack; however I have the talent you long for but can never get. Practice Makes Perfect they say. Some people spend a whole lifetime practicing perfection but truly ever reach it—an unattainable goal if you will.

But the true irony of all the jibberish I always speak. You may laugh, giggle even make fun of me. May eve toot your nose up to the sky and think your better than any French Fine Wine. But in actuality—you can barely even make it to my shadow....it's a shame really, that my shadow has more, oh what's the word, Integrity; than your whole body, mind and soul could ever have.

True Humour at it's Best.


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