Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Venus & Jupiter


It's sucha beautiful sight to see Venus & Jupiter out tonight (or this morning) so brightly!! I am amazed :D and sort of happy I got to see something so beautiful too ^_^!!

Looks something similar to that picture below lol thank goodness for Night Sky app huh?? :D

Thankfully the sun is rising and I was able to get some actual pictures. They're nothing fancy but they're definitely worth the while!!

Venus of course is the brightest star. And directly above it is a smaller star, that's Jupiter! How cool is that!?!?!

I thought I also mention that the awesomenest of the Zodiac was out too!! It was hard to see the Taurus constellation but I did see its brightest star known as Aldebaran. Here's something of what it looked like:

I'm so excited I to experience this and see it too!! I definitely had to share it with everybody ^_^.

See kids, there's nothing wrong with being a dreamer and staring at the stars, you might see something awesome :D hehehe


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