Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Interview

So I thought I would let you guys and dolls know how my interview went.

Well the day before, I had that gut feeling. I contacted Chipotle and asked for a different time slot. I picked 2pm instead, I felt more secure and contented with that decision. I took time out to find something nice to wear and NO ONE KNOWS how hard and frustrating that was. Not only did I not find clothes in my size, but all the dressy appropriate tops sleeve was only big enough to fit around my wrist!!! Now how many fat or overweight people do you who has skinny arms, legs and just basically skinny everything but their fat ass waist, hips and beer/pregnant bellies?? Not too many. When I finally found a few things, which wasn't much. I had to settle and decided that tomorrow I would go out and buy some shoes. So went to bed as early as I could woke up and went over to the store. I had placed an order on amazon for some shoes and more appropriate tops. But the UPS guy decided to come at 9am and bang on the door like a cop. I'm like what the hell, so thinking I could pick up after I stop at the store, I called up UPS. They told me I would have to come over to the north side after 7pm to get it. No, no, no. That's not gonna work! I need this for now. So the UPS guy kept playing games and giving me bogus times. Until we all finally agreed on 11ish AM. Cool! Problem, you know there is one lol, I had to go and find him in my neighborhood on the main street. I'm pretty sure I walked a good half a mile before I finally found him. He gonna say he'll be in the 500 and 700 block. No he was in the 900 block OF COURSE!! So got that stuff. Was finally contented.

So then I decided to stop at the hair store to get something since my hair wasn't straighten or perfected and the hair bun I had was falling apart like it's the end of the world. After that, went and got Madea her lunch for the day. Ran back home damn near to get ready. Found out then, it wasn't going to be a good day. Not only was it hot as hell! I was sweating bullets! Only one top fit and I personally didn't like the black pants, orange creamsicle top. I felt like Halloween gone terribly wrong. Then I rush to get ready and I wanted to leave around 12pm to have enough time to walk, possibly print my resume and whatever else just in case. No such luck! I didn't leave the house until 1pm. I rushed to the bus way looking for a parking spot and found one that was so far away it wasn't even funny. But I couldn't get our little fat van in there. Too tight of a space. So I went to another bus way and thank goodness they had a spot that wasn't tight and I could get into. However I didn't like the deserted-ness of this particular bus way either. However I rushed to get to the stop and hop on the bus when it finally came at 1:239pm. Google Maps told me that I would be there at the hotel by 1:50. That's good I thought. gives me time and we were suppose to be there 5 minutes early anyway. I didn't get down town until 2pm and after rushing, I was happy knowing I wasn't the only one late or dressed the way I was dressed. Some other other people there could have looked a little bit better. However the only thing I was unhappy about was that I couldn't print out my resume before hand. I'm glad the whole experience wasn't based or biased to that one mishap.

So let the interviewing begin. Or so I thought. The one interviewer had such a nasty disposition that she pissed you off immediately. The others were nice and very friendly. I will I was surprised at the fact it was group interview and not done individually. I'm also not a fan of group things in the first place either. I will it did take the pressure off of the uncomfortable hard to answer questions they throw at you. However there was one kid in the group who always wants to outshine everybody else. UGH! We had one, he was a college graduate and majored in Entrepreneurship. He was nice, but I think he took it a bit too far. Timing or not, there's always going to be an ass-kissing douchewaffle like him. It was fine and I liked the interviewer and the atmosphere of the whole thing. It was short and sweet. I couldn't tell if I bombed or not. The other two guys were experienced with food, while me, myself wasn't. Even though the interviewer said he wasn't experienced when he started working there, didn't mean I would get the same consideration. So he suggested that I go and eat there and there was a restaurant downtown. After the interview, which I felt I did pretty good at, I went to Chipotle to grab a bite to eat. Surprisingly the food was good, or the burrito bowl that I had was pretty good. I bit too spicy for my taste, but good either way. I couldn't finish it all because I had gotten filled up buy what I ate and all the soda I had. I sat there for a bit contented and happy because I got a chance. Whether it blossomed into something or not. I still got a chance and was happy and contented with that. Plus I felt it was even better because I got considered for two places instead of just one.

While I walked around downtown, I decided after awhile I was ready to come home. By this time my feet were beginning to hurt. I was hot and exhausted. So it had said that it was suppose to thunder storm that day and by time 4pm rolled around, there wasn't any sight or sign of one. While I'm on the bus I started noticing the sky getting darker and darker. The worse part, didn't have the umbrella left it in the car. So when I finally reached my destination, it was raining zoo animals and I got soaking wet. I ran into the grocery store to look for an umbrella because I knew I couldn't make it around the corner and up the street to that bus way to get back home. Got an umbrella and went trotting around the corner. So when I asked Google what time the bus was coming so that I could get home. It told me to catch any bus it would take me to where I needed to be. I hopped on the bus. Unfortunately not only was it the wrong bus and I got off in a bad location. I had to walk back to the bus way to get the correct bus. Because walking to where I parked isn't bad, but when your feet are hurting like hell and you've got a blister forming. Walking is the last thing on your mind. So I walked back and got on the correct bus. I'm pretty sure I spent $10 total just for 4 short bus rides with more walking than should be allowed. When I made it to the car, I was so overjoyed with happiness that it also got ruined before I could really enjoy it. I cracked the windows because it was so hot and didn't want to come back to a blazing hot car. Well I didn't. I came back to a soggy, soaking wet car.

I made it home finally and was so happy I didn't know what to do. Grab a bite to eat and said eff it. Unfortunately the blister that I got from the new shoes that was causing more pain than a little bit on my poor heel had to go! Glad I took care of it when I did, and not let it turn into something serious.

All I can say is that I hope that the next time I have an interview I don't have to worry about a whole buncha crap like I did today.

Next Interview, please be good to me!


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