Monday, July 30, 2012

Sailor Moon 2013

So I know I'm hella late writing this but it's the principle that counts. You know, better late than never lol.

Anyway back on July 5-6 there was this awesomeness taking place. Of course I had no clue what was going on as usual. While I was on tumblr, doing the favoriting and reblogging thing, I notice an over-abundance of Sailor Moon posts. More than usual. I took time out to see what the hell was going on. OMG I have never been this excited in my life EVER!! WHAT?! Sailor Moon is making a comeback next summer (2013) all new anime too!! I always was faithful that it would happen someday and by golly didn't it come! I mean like 20 years later but THAT'S OK DAMMIT! LOL

Anyway, so I'm hearing a lot of people or Moonies (and myself including) are hoping that this anime is geared toward more of how the Manga was precised and maybe a few more things. Either way I think it will turn out great, just as long as they don't pull a Fruits Basket and do like 12 episodes and leave all of the damn story out. Like what was up with that?? Couldn't read the Manga because of that. Anyways. That's what everyone's expecting. It's also said that it will be shown simultaneously around the world and Momoiro Clover Z will be performing the new theme song. It's unknown if they will sing Moonlight Densetsu or another song all together. I think either would be great. To be honest, they should do a new theme song and leave Moonlight Densetsu as the ending theme.

However, it's still not sure if the original Seiyuu (Voice Actors) will return to reprise their roles. Even though I think it would nice as well if they did so. Now if they do decide to put it in English duh here in America, please give Usagi a better voice actor and not someone's grandma, and a better script too! Let's name her Bunny instead, I like Serena, but let's do it the Manga way :D.

I think this will be epic and awesome and one anime everyone won't forget. Think about all the digital art and the bright colors and CGI influence at how awesome this will turn out literally. Not to mention how much attention it will get not by Old (Faithful) Moonies but New Moonies. Even my mom knows that's all I would talk about when I was a kid. Because it was odd to see such a strong female lead in any show whether it was animated or real life. It was a good positive show and to me it meant a lot to not only see Sailor Moon grow up and mature through out the story, but to see ourselves do the same with her. Another good thing about this is that censorship won't be as strict and strong (and down right wrong if you ask me) like it was back it 90s. Like wow I didn't cleavage was so wrong or ripped clothes in a serious battle was offensive. I think the censorship took away from the story and the corny child proof script made it even worse. If you haven't seen it strictly English subs, you're missing a lot!! But even if you did, that's ok too, because this gonna be a good summer next year.

For more thorough details on the upcoming anime check out the links below:

End of the World 2012?? No I don't think so! In the Name Of The MOON, I'm fin to watch me some Sailor Moon 2013 :D.


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