Monday, July 23, 2012

Rockabye Toys Deal 4

Say you Love me ;D hahaha

Anyway on to the good stuff!!

Zulily is once again having another Rockabye Toy Deal this week. Unfortunate part, it's only 3 days long!! SO what does that mean?? You gotta get your rump on over there to get this awesome deal!!

Like always, don't panic if you missed Mommies & Daddies & Grandparents out there! The deal always comes back around :) and I will definitely let you know!

Rockabye is on zulily tomorrow (7/23) starting at 6am PST through 7/26 (sale ends at 6am PST) for up to 50% off. Click Here to see this deal.

If you miss this deal, don't worry. As soon as I find out, I'll definitely let you awesome people know!!



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