Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rock Candy


So today while I was out at the Dollar Tree earlier today in midst of checking out. I noticed a little display on the check out counter and it was filled up with Rock Candy. It's been such a long time since I last saw and got some. Last time i got some my dad brought it from a candy store that was out at the mall. It left about 10 or so years ago. But I was so amaze and excited to see it after such a long time. However, due to previous engagements I couldn't get excited enough over it to buy some.

Anyway after my midadventures today I come home and was excited to tell my mom about it. While I'm explains to my mom about the store selling Rock Candy. She gives me this crazy look as if to say what the actual fuck!?

I'm like MOM you know what rock candy is. It comes on a stick or piece of rope or string. She's still giving me a crazy look. So she asks me well what does it look like. By far the most dumbfounding question anyone has ever asked me! I'm like it looks like Mineral Rocks you know but candy form and delicious, shit hell I don't know. So she's like well what the hell?? You can't even explain what it is!!

I had to go and google a picture to show it to her. Nothing no recognition of whatsoever. She's like only rock candy I remember was white or a clear color and it came in a plastic lunch baggy. I'm like what the hell mom!? Daddy used to always buy it for me. So she says, I don't remember none of that shit.

I swear to you guys that was by far the daunting conversation I ever had with my mom. Probably not the last one either lol.

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