Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nail Polish Rainbow

I thought this would be great for the Ladies and Girls out there looking for that perfect Nail Polish Rainbow. It's hard to find and match up colors sometimes, trust me I know.

I found these on this website dedicated to nail art and designs called Nails Art Fashion

China Glaze is one of my favorite brand of nail polishes and I use it quite often.  It can be purchased at any Sally Beauty Supply store or even Amazon. The price starts at $3 a bottle on up which isn't bad especially for good nail color that last ad doesn't chip. Plus they have plenty of colors to pick and choose from. 

OPI is the Ultimate Nail Polish that used across the world just about. Most Nail Salons usually use this as a main staple since it does have a good quality. Unfortunately it's just a bit too pricey and expensive to me. If you're really good with nail polishing and art you can find a better cheaper color that you can do wonders with! Lol I'm just saying. I saw this polish at Ulta for $10 on up! I thought that was a little much and even saw it for more which was sickening lol. Essie on the other hand can be found at local Drugstores like Rite Aid and Walgreens however the $9 just hits me in my heart and makes me shy away. Even though they do have beautiful set of pastel colors that are out of this world!!

So I hope this helps you dollies out when you're looking for a good nail design or want something similar!! Don't be afraid to spend less. Nail polish isn't meant to last but with the right tools and materials it can last for a few days you know :D. So get out there and get to polishing!!


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