Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Mistress and The Wife

This thought popped up to me just by mere conversation with someone I know.

Most women who are coupled off or married or in a committed relationship with a man seem to start lacking somewhere along the way. At first she was everything he possibly ever wanted and hoped for and he was no doubt proud and happy to get her. However after awhile she seems to get too comfortable to me. She enjoys the routine and just expects him to stay with her (and the kids if they have them) with little to no effort.

Now the reason most men have a side chick, another/other woman or mistress is because it's basically built on a deal, maybe two. She's going to give him the sex he wants whenever and how much without any strings attached and no problems. She wants him because of the sex and plus she doesn't have to do the wifely duties of cooking, cleaning and buying birthday/anniversary presents. She sees him when she wants and vice versa.

To me, I've been on the side lines before. I've noticed this that the wife, girlfriend, fiancée got a little to lax to me. But then again maybe that's why some women are different. One man just can't settle for one. Not saying I condone cheating or adultery. But think about it. If the Wifey refuse to have sex, pamper and answer his whims that leaves little to be desired. However if the Mistress is going to do what the Wifey won't, then she serves a purpose. Now you can't be mad. And hear me out.

Don't say yes you can have cookies but then say no you can't have any. When there's another woman giving him all the baked goods he could ever ask for and maybe then some.

To me, if I happened to be Married. If my husband did what I expected or hoped he would, he could get as much sex from me as he wanted. But also on the same token, I'm not going to deny or say I'm not into sex. I probably would want it more than he would—maybe lol. But at least we'd both be pleased. Then why not spice it up a little bit an do something daring and out of the routine. Like sex at the movies or a threesome. Ugh!! Can you say Panty Droppers?! Lol

But. That's how I feel about the situation. If it can be fun and pleasurable and worth the while. Both parties could e happy. He wouldn't have a need to stray. Neither would I for that matter.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is don't e so quick to blame the Mistress. Maybe Wifey you should step up your sex game and not only surprise him but blow his mind in the bedroom, or kitchen or wherever you all like to get busy at lol.

You already know the answer ladies. All you've got to do is live a little bit and execute that plan out. I trust you not only will he be happy to come home to you but it could make your relationship that much more fulfilling and worth the while.

However if you got a sick pup on your hands who's having sex with everybody including you. I might suggest you get rid of him. That gut feeling should've warned you when it first started. Don't let or make him disrespect you.

Be the nasty girl he wants in bed. But still hold yourself as a lady—scratch that make that Boss Lady ;).

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