Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Men Will NEVER CEASE To Amaze Me

There are some moments in my life where I think that maybe—just maybe—I'm giving men a hard time and making things more petty than they ought to be. Then I feel sort of guilty and wrong for not trying or opening up, even if it's just a little bit. However then comes along a douchewaffle and says some dumb shit and it sets me off and I'm back to hating men and want to VOLUNTEER personally to be SUPER GAY!! Like what the fuck is wrong with you all?? Just like one dead rose can fuck it up for the other 11 roses, one man who says something really offensive or stupid fucks it up for all you . Instead of sticking together in the craziest situations, think about making all you better and not so's not a good look nor is it attractive.

Any way just like the last Facebook Chat I had with a creep a while back. I got sucked into another one. In the midst of my facebooking. It's telling me I've got a PHONE CALL from this New Creeper, I was so fucking confused and wondering what the hell just happened that he beat me to the punch and popped up in a chat.

Well here's that lovely conversation:

You missed a call from Abdulla.

New Creep: hey 
Bunny: hi 
New Creep: sex ? 
Bunny: sex??? 
New Creep: hahahaha
am joking am drunk
wts r u doin 
Bunny: oh kay
just keepin myself entertained might blog a bit 
New Creep: aahaa
nice pics u look sexy
Bunny: thank you 
New Creep: nice boobs

Bunny: thanks lol 
New Creep: haha
do u love dicks ? 
Bunny: not really 
New Creep: whyy ?
lesbain ? 
Bunny: no i'm bisexual but i think men have issues and cause nothing but problems but thats strictly my opinion 
New Creep: aha bisexual
open ur camera 
Bunny: what camera?? 
New Creep: webcam
You missed a call from Abdulla.

Bunny: yea i dont webcam 
New Creep: i want 2 open mine
do u have skype ?
haha u want 2 see my dick 
Bunny: you go knock yourself out and no
no i don't want to see your dick 
New Creep: haha why ? 
Bunny: why what??

If you know me well, he got blocked and deleted faster than NASCAR Pit Stop Tire Change.

I just don't get it sometimes, I really don't. Makes no sense to me. The guys I expect to notice me ignores the fuck outta me and chases after the skinnier uglier girl who spreads her legs better than butter. Or he got the serious obese chick who's attitude is the equivalent to an anger pregnant gorilla on a hot summer day. Then what do I end up with, douchewaffles like him and the last guy. Guys who feel I'm only good enough to be a human sex toy and they fell they have the right to disrespect me. LIKE WHAT THE FLIPPIN HAY?!?!?! Golly, maybe I should turn gay??????


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