Monday, July 16, 2012

A Few Lessons Learned

As usual, I experienced one of those days today where I get teaser of hope and greatness and long awaited prosperity, but never get to really reap the benefits or gain anything from it. I thought that today I'd write down a few of the lessons I've learned that I wanted to share. Like always maybe give someone out there a little bit of hope or to let them know "no you're not the only one" thing. When I took the time to think about it. I couldn't really post everything I learned in one whole post! Lol it's just not physically possible and it would be a daunting task and even worse for you as the reader. I get ahead of myself and I don't think things through until the very last minute haha.

Thus, I'm starting a new label and I'm going to write down the things ie learned so far in my crazy twisted uniquelyfferent, abstract and loads of fun, sadness, envy & hateful Life lol. I thought about labeling it AFLL (an abbreviated form of the title above) but I didn't like that too much. Looks like awful and sounds awful too!

So I've decided to label this Lessons. Funny thing is that what people call me when they can't get my name pronounced correctly XD. This should be entertaining, don't you think?? :D

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