Thursday, July 19, 2012

Disney Ear Hat Ornaments

I thought these were absolutely adorable when I found these on Facebook.

Unfornately I did look before I decided to post this, if they were available in the Disney Store yet, but they weren't. Maybe as the Christmas season grows closer they'll start having them available for purchase.

I read here at the Disney Blog that they're hoping to have at least 40 (if not more) ornaments available. I think this would be too cute for a Baby's or Childrens' themed Christmas or for anyone who's a Disney!! I would love to see a picture of all of the ornaments on one tree I bet that would be gorgeous and definitely top it off with Tinkerbell or someone :D.

To see more pictures of the beautiful ornaments click the link above!! I'll definitely keep checking the store to let you guys and dolls know so you can buy your favorite ornament or all of them for your family or self :D.


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