Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bunny, We Have A Problem

So I know those of you that visit the site a lot, have also noticed that over there in the Translate box (that's if you're not mobile right now lol) some of the flags are MISSING!!

Omg when the hay did that frenchtoasting crap happen??? I happen to pop on about a week or maybe two weeks ago to see how things are. I do that periodically to make sure nothing's crazy or jumbled or twisted. If so I can fix it immediately or see what I can do to fix it.

Well I hop on and look at everything since I was having a problem with the weather window down below. Then I look and my flags are missing!! I'm like what the heck?? So then I thought well maybe this is a good thing. Like awhile back I was looking at icons for the subscribe via email in the Keep In Touch section. While I found the one I liked, I happen upon some really awesome world and international flag icons. I thought how neat! They looked brighter and more exciting. So I thought well maybe I'll take the time out and change them. Well it was a good thing I did check those out right?? Right.

Unfortunately, my computer's been acting up and so it shut down and guess what?? When it shut down this last time, Chrome would restore the last session and I couldn't find it in the history—least I found the other future blog posts so that was a plus.

Now tonight I suppose after I post the remainder blog posts, I'll fix that glitch up as soon as possible because I can't have everyone not being able to read all those awesomeness on here lol.

So please be patient and bear with me!! I'll get it fixed as soon as possible!!!

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