Friday, July 13, 2012

Beige & Blue Leebra

So I'm pretty sure you're wondering what a Leebra is more so than what the post is truly lol. Well Leebra is a made up new word I just came up with like always. Leebra is a Leopard and Zebra. Thankfully I hope there aren't any animals like this.....That would be scary and just wrong on so many levels.

Anyway, this particular post goes to this awesome nail desgin I found on the net awhile back and thought I would share it with you Dolls & Groupies. Not only did I find it visually appealing but it has an elegant and beautiful feel to it and makes it that much more interesting. It's such a shame that the artist didn't include a tutorial for those of who would love to know how this is done lol.

I bet this would be gorgeous with other colors as well.

To see more pictures and the description of this beautiful design click here!!


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