Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby Mama Baby Drama


I thought this was interesting to see while I was on Facebook.

The funny thing is that I know a bunch of girls and women who just feel their kid does the cutest thing. I'm not saying you've got to beat them to death but also sometimes the time-out-chair and talking doesn't always work for every kid and some need a stricter discipline. In the case of this I found both pictures on facebook, they may look different and go in a different dialogue direction. However they both say the same thing. Not everything is cute. I know a lot of the girls my age just do whatever in front of their kids and don't care what the future outcome may be. Reminds me of the chick next door to me and the one up the street. They're open enough to have sex with some strange man (that they now call taking a nap) in front of the their kids or in the next room with out the slightest bit of remorse or embarrassment. The one up the street, her eldest daughter is only 10 but me and my mother seen her doing things HIGHLY inappropriate at her age. Like approaching men, doing nasty booty popping dancing and while her mother's not home she always has a house full of boys there. It's a shame she's picking up her mothers bad habits. Thank goodness for the mothers who let something like this happen and will do their best to raise nice ladies and gentlemen.


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