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6 months, No Jobs & Hopeless

This probably should've came out before Hopeful... 

Either way, it still has something worth while that needs/needed to be said :).

Being a college drop out myself. I personally take offense to the stereotypical way people just group us all together. I understand we all individually have our own problems and experienced many different things on our collegiate paths. However we are not all the same. I've had people tell me to my face if I hadnt been socializing and boozing and spending more time having fun than studying—I wouldn't be in the predicament I'm currently in. However that's not true. I didn't socialize like you see in the movies. I mostly stayed in my room and worked hard on my work. Sometimes until the wee hours of the next day and even gone days and weeks without sleep. Because school was important to me. Unfortunately I had to drop out due to the death of my father, the loss of his income and financial aid, the fact that Altoona was just too damn far away and that my mother couldn't afford to send me anymore. I tried smaller and reputation-less schools but with no money or financial aid support, even the community college is too expensive.

So now here I am a 25 year old woman and I can't even get hired at the fast food joint flipping burgers or asking Would You Like Fries With That?? No place will hire me and I understand that no employer is expected to hire you. I understand that perfectly. However you can't tell me that all the places I've applied for told me no, or refused to consider me as a well-to-do candidate or feel that my skin color and not having kids in tote disqualifies me from every job. It's ridiculous. I can understand if I dropped out my first, second or third year. I dropped out after 4 years of college, after thousands of dollars wasted, and not only did I miss out on enjoying my early twenties but I had to sacrifice and forego a lot of things. No one ever said college would be a step up from high school with petty people, hard ass professors and administrators who scream they're child advocates and are for the students but act like you don't exist as soon as you have a problem.

I've been job searching for the past 3 years. I know while in college I looked for summer work. Then I was told the employers refused to hire college kids because they're only going to work for 3-4 months and leave. They needed people full-time and part-time workers all year round. Understandable. When I left college and found out life sucks I considered moving out of mom's nest and finding my own. Little did I know the real world was going to bitch slap me—HARD. I could find an apartment, however I needed 3 recent pay stubs, proof of this and proof of that. Why do you need income proof when I'm going to give you the money up front? I didn't save what little bit of money I had for nothing. If I couldn't go to college on it, mines well start my life else where. Well I got the door slammed in my face and had no choice but to stay with mom. Every place either wanted income proof or wanted to run a credit check. Two strikes against me. Thus I job searched. Got nothing. So I felt that at some point my student loans and other debt would eventually write itself off and then I could get a job. However student loans don't write off and won't disappear. You find out you took out $25,000 for school and end up owing $40,000+ and that doesn't include fees or interest. My one loan defaulted and the price goes up $1000 a month. However they said the $57 a month plan would work out great for me. But I need to make a down payment of $2000. Don't get me started on the stalker and creeper phone calls all day long every day—day in and day out. They call first thing at 8am and don't stop until 10pm, weekends and holidays included.

So I applied for forbearances and only get a week to one month's worth and they raise the price that much more. I posted my resume on sites like Monster and Career Builder and still nothing. When I ask them what I should do, they tell me to try hard harder, you're not applying yourself, YOUR CONFIDENCE IS WAY PAST EMPTY!! None of those are the case. Jobs are telling me no but give no reason why and after days and weeks of trying to contact someone I get nothing but the same old I dunno.

Even though I say I give up, I keep on trying. I don't want to be lonely and homeless. I don't want my happiness taken away from me. I aim to be a mom even if the process kills me and is tiring. I'm going to try hard at this. If I don't, then I feel like I not only wasted my time on earth but there won't be anything really to fix it.

Hell I can't even get welfare or government help. I don't apply for this and I don't qualify for that. It's like society hates single, college dropouts.

The other day, in the midst of blogging and being up from half of the night. I was watching the news and they made mention that the job market is going to be especially hard. Reason being is that because the big companies across the nation are taking down the now hiring signs and remove all ads placed in the newspapers and Internet classifieds. They are refusing to hire people over the the course of the next 6 months. After such said 6 months they plan to let go tens of thousands of employees. Well damn. The outlook is looking bleak and DIM. One of the companies here, Verizon to be exact, stated they're letting go 10-40,000+ employees by January. Now the companies say the reason they are doing this is to gain and save money before the economy gets any worse. Um what do you want this to turn into a 3rd world country before you say OH MY DAMN, WE MESSED UP or you just don't give a flying bird??

So the place that was asking for the $57 a month deal. I talked to a new guy and told him the deal. He wanted to know if I had any skills like cooking and doing hair. No I don't cook and I do my hair only and nobody else's. I am not a kitchen beautician ok. In the midst of getting rid of him, I forgot to ask him a question. So I called back he assumed I had the money. Like yes in the matter of an hour I'll have $3000 shooting out of my cunt. Asshole. I told him what was said on the news about the no jobs for 6months crisis. Do you know this douchewaffle was talking to me like I was crazy. He said you mean the whole world. I dunno about the world since I can't get to it—duh! He said he doesn't believe that and there's no such thing, why would the world do that and all this stupid stuff. Then he's like what news would say that?? The channel 4 news, WTAE. He was determined to tell me I was the retard and nothing like that was happening.

Now I know I have a slow moment every now and then. I also knew that I was fully woke when I saw the broadcast. I wasn't sleep nor did I just wake up and I wasn't sleepy either. So to make sure I wasn't loosing it just yet, I googled Low and behold two main articles pop up and said the same exact thing I told that knuckleheaded boy. The reason I called him back I wanted to know what he and his company as the debtor, planned on doing if I could never get a job with the economy getting worse by the day....He couldn't even answer my question and went through more excuses and denials than a crackhead does at a meeting. [CEOs Refusal To Hire & Corporate Greed]

What do they expect young adults like me to do?? No jobs are hiring and those that are are catering to certain people or you have to have the network and connections. The other problem is having the degree and experience. So not only do you have society's strikes against you, you've got to deal with being in a Catch 22, unhappy and more debt than you can stick a shake at!!

It's not like I haven't been trying. I've posted my resume all over the place. Made phone calls and exhausted everything possible. It's more than just go get a burger job. No one wants that of course. However even when they start to shun you, there's some serious problems going on. I would relocate if I could and if that meant I could get a job. I'm not joining the army because I refuse to fight for a country who not only treats me like I shouldn't be here or can't even give me a little bit of help.

There's this saying:

When the world says give up, Hope says try one more time.

I guess that's what I'm doing. Even thought I say I give up. I found a few more jobs a while ago to apply for. I'm going to give the people a call and see who will give me a chance and if not. Take a break and try again later. I read an article last night saying the main reason people aren't getting hired is due to unemployment, education and experience, and the fact that everyone wants ANY job and treats all jobs like that. Well hell who wouldn't?? People are losing their homes, families are getting separated and debt is filling up everybody's life in some way or form. The homeless shelters seem to want to only cater to the pregnant women. What about the men, single women and elderly people?? In my case does being single really mean that I'm a burden to society?? I don't serve a purpose?? Just because I may not be a mother or married doesn't mean I don't need help. I'm fully capable of working yes, but how does one accomplish that when the employers and companies have lost their rabid ass minds?? Then to tell me a baby mama of 3 kids with little to no high school diploma or education is more qualified for a job like accounting or senior vice president secretary and I'm not because I don't have a degree. Not only does that hurt, it pisses me off.

In all honesty, I think they need to reevaluate the education system. Not only should college be free if they expect us to be bachelor holders, then make it affordable to all and not just to the rich and baby mamas. I'm all for learning history and other such subjects in high school. But they need to go back and teach us things we need to know to become these productive young adults they wish for. College nor high school will teach you go to wash clothes, I didn't have home economics in school. Let's teach the kids how to cook and clean and wash their clothes. Teach them how to fix a car and fill out job applications. Teach them a trade so those that can't afford to go to college or feel it isn't a necessity can go out into the world of jobs and get a job and coexist with the rest of the world. They need to include free daycare for the teen moms and definitely parenting classes, because lord only knows do some of these moms need it. And then what we learn in high school let it count as experience—whether it's one, two or three or four years worth. Make it count. Because this you need 5-10years of experience by time you're 25 is ridiculous. More summer jobs for the students and the old people who don't really need to work, stay your crippled ass at home. You're taking away from a kid who really may need it and that also applies to college too!

Regardless of who the next president of the USA might be. To me I don't care, fix my problems and do the right thing for everybody. Not just to get elected or to incorporate a new form of taxes. Why the fuck do you think the founding fathers left Europe?? To get away from the craziness and taxes and all that other bull we are facing now.

Maybe one day all of this will change. Then again maybe this is opening America up to her downfall I totally believe will happen. It's sad to watch this world falling apart and all anybody cares about is money this, stock market this, and OMG TAXES!! Get a grip on life, people are struggling and they shouldn't have to. We who need the help most are shunned and thrown aside. Those of you are calling yourselves helping are so selfish and they only care about themselves. Hope is like a wish a now and near next to the impossible. Faith is becoming loss and people are bitter. Our world is hurting and there's a possibility it may fall complete apart.

At least if it does by then, I hope we can rebuild and learn from these past mistakes and create a better and viable world for us all.


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