Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why I Have A Problem With Men

Ok Now I don't want to be seen as a man hater, I love men because they can be good people. They're strong, courageous, smart and can be very loving in their own way. However, I dislike men because they act stupid, make broken promises and concreted lies, they hurt women regardless if they intended to or not. Then once they get a couple doses of a nasty ass girl, they feel all women have to be nasty. They've turned into lazy, shiftless, trifling and don't even want to get a job and those that do stay at home they won't even watch the kids. They're just so shiftless and expect to get the world, the car, free rent, an allowance, and sex when they demand it. But it's like DAMN Really Dude?? I can't get you to take me to the Family Restaurant for a $8 meal without expecting a blow job, threesome and free sex.

However if I make a man work for it or put my foot down like No Fuck that I'm not gonna do that. Then I'm being wrong and stingy or I'm so bourgeois and saddity. Then God forbid if I dress up a little bit thinking I could catch a good catch, I'm considered High Maintenance. Like screw you, I'm sorry only time I'm going to actually cater to a man fully without any serious problems, is when I get treated like a queen. I mean nice things and respect, sex ain't the topic, question or answer because I can get off without a man OK!!

So I'm a little agitated. Here I am playing on The Sims Social and enjoying myself, minding my own business when this wild facebook chat pops the hell up outta nowhere. My first thought is who is this person and how exactly are we friends??? Anyway here's the conversation:

Creep: hey 
Me: HI 
Creep: whats up 
Me: nothing much u?? 
Creep: just relaxing right now wana talk ? 
Me: about what??

Creep: what are you doing

Me: playing sim social for now might blog for a bit

Creep: kool 
Me: yup yup 
Creep: wana do something

Me: (suspicious) something like what?? 
Creep: well im just jerking off with one hand while im talking to you going to cum soon wana play with me on cam or something

Me: no thanks

Creep: come on plz just help me cum

Me: no and plus why should i??
Creep: nvm sryy this cam up

Me: ok

Really?? Really?? I am not a stripper or porn star or a webcam girlyet. But even if I was, dammit show some respect like how the fuck you gonna ask me to get on cam so I can help you bust a nut??? You ain't paying me and why the fuck would I want to do that in the first place. Why are there free porn on the net for??

But then I realized, I couldn't be pissed because that's what all men do to me. No it's not a few or couple or a handful. Every guy that decides to talk to me or approach me always talks about sex or let's do it this way or lets do it that a way, WHAT ABOUT A BLOW JOB???

My Tongue Ring is meant for Decorative purposes ONLY ok. The only time I MIGHT CONSIDER THAT is with my husband, and that ain't a guarantee. But that's for a different post.

Men, stop treating women like this, you may can pull this dumb shit off on a stupid hoe but don't do it to a nice girl or a good woman. When we snap, you can't get mad.

Here's an example: You wouldn't like it if a woman came up to you and said Hi and just went into your pants pocket and snatched out your wallet or all your cash and started counting the shit and started divvying it up and telling you what you ain't gonna do and nag the fuck outta youNO You wouldn't like that shit, then don't do it to the women. Would you want some nasty ass little boy saying that to your daughter or better yet some nasty old man saying that shit to your mama?? Then don't do it, matter of fact, stop that shit right now.

I want to see all the men who think sex is the only thing that matters and makes the perverted world go round and round, what the fuck they plan on doing when they can't get the damn thing up no more, and guess what Viagra and ExtenZe and all that other shit won't help. So think about that ok.

My rant is now over. So men, thank your brethren to fucking it up for you and making women like me hate you that much more and turn into Lesbians you can only fantasize about ^_^.

Oh and by the way, that guy that was "chatting it up" with me, he was deleted from my friends list and blocked faster than he could ever bust a nut in his lifetime (^ㅂ^)


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