Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wedding Cake 2

So last time I mentioned that I wanted that cake as a wedding cake, until I showed it to someone and she said she would love it. At first it was sorta disappointing but then a small part of me said:

Who are you kidding?? Like you'll ever get married phbt!!

I then wondered how exactly they made the cake and wondered if I could find the recipe simply by googling like I usually do. But I ended up finding something or maybe I should say MANY THINGS so much more better and I got kinda happy and I dunno why. Yeah I'm a total dork and mentally retarded but that's ok ^_^

Here's a few links to where I found some of the cakes

Eat This!

Wedding Cake Pictures

Honey Dress

Anyway, now I can't choose which one I love the most!!!

Now if this isn't perfection I don't know what is!! 6th isn't bad but you definitely need to save the best for last right?? Haha did you see what I did there?? ;D Ok but I think this would be awesome Birthday Cake too!! What do you think?? I love the pastel colors and yet they're still bright and eye catching and the hearts ornament makes it that much more exciting, wouldn't you say??

Now I don't know if the roses are real or made of icing and sugar, but gosh darn it if I don't love this!! I guess this one could be 5th?? But It is very beautiful, I bet it would've looked even prettier if the cakes could have been a little bit bigger in diameter size you know??

This one's very pretty!! Reminds me of Spring and Summer you know, it'll give off a  nice happy feeling.

I really like this one too, I guess it would be 4th(??) lol. I love the butterflies, but I think this would of been great with that rainbow ribbon with the loop-de-loops on it....OMG talk about AWESOME!! My tummy would be butterflied with happiness and excitement XD.

I love the swirled design, it's elegant and beautiful at the same time and has a sophistication to it.

I never thought putting different sizes and shapes together would make something look so awesome!! Too bad they didn't have a baby square to go on top, or maybe a square shaped cupcake lol.

This is my 3rd favorite!! (The Neon on Black being 1st and the Pega-corn  being 2nd)
I love the flowers and the ribbon trimming it's just oh so elegant but fun at the same time, total plus!!

This is very beautiful and bright!! I wish there was more orange though.

I love the roses, too bad they were rainbow roses you know!! That would be gorgeous!!

This is from the Eat This! link. It would be awesome to know who made this awesome cake but I bet whoever got this cake was a happy couple and boasted like hell, I know I would lol. This Pega-corn is beyond epic :D!

This is one is my ultimate favorite!! Maybe it's the neon on black or the fact it's rare to see a cake this colorful and exciting. But either way I LOVE IT!! Click Here to know what's on the inside of this beautiful cake.

Which one was your favorite?? Do you have any that you love to death and would love to share??


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