Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Year Makes A Difference

So as I'm sitting here relaxing my feet in the beautiful down town area of our city lol. I thought I share the awesomeness with you guys and dolls too.

So in 2010 like Septemberish I got my hair done up in Kinky Twists because I didn't have a lot of time to go get up and get ready let alone be on time for school. Anyways when I got my hair braided the crazy woman and her help put bees wax in my hair and tied a good majority of it knots-literally!! It took me 6 days just to comb and straighten it out :p. Then I decided to perm it, big mistake. Not only did some of my hair fall out but it made my already tender and sore head, hurt that much more. So I stopped combing and brushing it and it got matted BAD lol. So by March of 2011, I took a fit of rage and cut it all off—well chopped and screwed it mostly haha. I keep whacking at it the whole year. I was tired and trusted I guess.

Anyway here's a pic of what my hair looked like for Summer 2011

Super Sport Short!! Say that 5 times fast lol.

Anyway I would comb it and wash and condition it from time to time and just kept it in an unkempt crazy looking Afro. My hair is strange, its not all that bad and it's not all that good butit won't Afro or stay straight. It's disobedient like that.

Anyways, I said that at some point I would chop at it again and turn it into some wild pixie cut and perm it and leave it like that. However little did I know when I happen to flat iron it a few months ago it had grown longer than I expected. So after seeing all the pretty long haired hairstyles I wanted to do the same. So I'm trying to resist from chopping it all off lol. Well around the end of May I got a wild hair up my butt and decide to perm my hair in that 90 weather. It wasnt the perming process that was so bad, it was the fact my hair was so gosh dark LONG. When I finally finished it was down to my shoulders!! I was just as shocked if not more so.

Eventually I trimmed the ends and tried to style it. Now FINALLY I got it to where I like it. It's a nice cute an should grow in nicely.

I did trim one side this morning because it was looking rough lol.

So say hello to the Long Haired Bunny of which you've never seen before (or haven't seen in a long time :D):

Excuse the boobs, I told you they do whatever the hell they want to lol.

Anyway do you like it??? I likes it :D I'm in the mood for a color!! But I already tried the whole rainbow I don't know which one I want to do.

Either ways hope you enjoy the new picture ^_^ and maybe if weather permitting I'll take a few more pictures of me.

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