Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Girl Makes Her Own Chucks

So in the midst of my facebooking, which usually consists of seeing awesome pictures and posts made by the things I've liked over the years (and because I'm not in the mood to read my friends' boring/happy/whatever the fuck live story status chapter updates). I found this post to this picture about this Wild Nut Shot lol. So I click next and I was BLOWN AWAY!!

Whoever this girl is, she is beyond awesome!! Not only did she repaint her own Chuck Taylors, she like totally reinvented anything they every tried to do with the Star Wars chain!!

If you want to see her awesome shoes click here

She deserves a Fashion Magnifico Award for doing the Most Awesomeness thing EVER....showing mad love to Star Wars =D hehehe

I love Chucks though, it's like my favorite shoe!! Can't live without my Black Monochromes. I honestly want the Batman ones—Well HELL all of them if I had the money of course lol. I love Chuck Taylors (^-^).


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