Friday, June 15, 2012

The Balloon Lamp

So whilst I was roaming about on Tumblr as usual, I found something awesome like I usually do and had to come and share it with you guys :D!

I found a Balloon Lamp!!

It came with a source link and I read that someone said that you could purchase the balloon lamp from there. However I didn't see a link or anything like that.

I looked and searched for the website to buy it, and didn't find much. I guess if you really want it you would have to contact the company that creates this particular lamp.

I thought it was interesting and plus this would be cute in a nursery or a little kid's room or even just for fun. I wonder if anyone has tried to make this lamp like out of Papier-Mâché that would be just a cute and then you could at least have different colors :D

Here are the two websites I found that have this particular Balloon Lamp:

There are plenty of other balloon lamps so maybe you can go, search and find the one you like the most and balloon your room up ^_^!


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