Friday, June 22, 2012


Now I don't know about you guys and dolls but here on the East Coast of the US it has been a scorcher for the past 3 days!! 90s all the way!! So much to the point it was miserable to sleep at night and even nap during the day and the last two nights I slept outside. Not that it was a major help or anything. Since we have humidity and his family it makes the heat that much more unbearable. My hair went home days ago lol. It's a term when you lose your hairstyle or perm due to the humidity haha.

But even outside it was like heat and no breezes and just staleness. My nose was stuffy or clogged and then runny and sneezy the next. I wonder if we were going to get those 95-100 degree days this summer. If so, it's gonna be one bad ass summer—I miss the snow already!!

Well anyway today turned out to be a little bit better, we got that promised down pour of rain that was suppose to come on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Even though it wasn't a lot of rain it was nice enough to cool it down a bit and make it livable for time being.

Unfortunately, having great summer weather is a plus up until you get sick. I got sick yesterday and still combating some of that sickness today!! Ugh it's no joke when anything you eat sours on your stomach. Ginger Ale and Mint flavored Tums were my best friends last night. Even now I'm chewing on a chalk infested Tum XD. My stomach was killing me yesterday and the back and forths to the bathroom made it that much more uncomfortable, sorry TMI.

So I suggest the best way to stay cool is get you a swimmy suit and one of those inflatable kiddie pools and lots and lots of ICE and plenty of cold drinks and ice cream. That damn sure wound the heat because it definitely won't kill it off lol.

In that regards Happy Summer everybody and learn to stay cool this summer—it's gonna be hell this year ;D.


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