Saturday, May 19, 2012

Till It Happens To You pt. 1

"I Just Wish Someone Would've Told Me"

i see you everyday

you say nothing to me

it makes me feel you hate me

broken hearts are hard to let go—

theres only little truth through the words spoken

Stares are optimistic

Nothing ever felt right being here

I chose to grow up

You chose to grow down

We were little used to hear that Little Symphony

when you get older you’ll learn the same

its too, too late to fix something thats already broken…

who wouldnt want to know what Nevaeh’s like?

Communication is the Key to Life

communication is gone when one of those robins realizes to leave the tree…

May is such a wretched way…

dont ever dare tell that robin what to think or do

Even if it is for the best

4 A-M never felt like a newer day

I hate my mind

I hate it rewinding

I wish it would stop….but a lot things were painful.

Went to a Twilights Zone

Listened to how you felt

Watched how you acted

Looked at what your karma was spitting out

took the world as dice and played craps

i chose not to play

so i did something else

i did it for you

you asked

Everyone should be able to go to school…

i should cut out the tongue who spoke such words

cant turn the clock back, whats dun is dun

friendship can be the deadliest thing ever

depend upon on the dependable

I Worked My Ass for you

i dont care bout you…

mistreatment is more than abuse

its an unrequested excuse

You Are What You Seep

i knew about the tension before you

you knew bout the undying mistrust carried about I

i never knew bout a painfully hearted mind

Never thought 3 A-M could be a new night

Until i saw that raven look-in pon me


‘Sir,’ said I, ‘Madame, I dont tis a good idea…’

But Lenore was ignored

A spell did I, place upon the bidding that needed binding

I Bind Thee, From Harming Others and Harming Thyself

did it work?

not as i had hoped…

i feel more unappreciated than one could Cherish

making noise is fine for you

making noise is ungodly for me

“am i s’pose to change or are you s’pose to change?

who should be hurt?

who should be blamed?

am i s’pose to change or are you s’pose to change?

who should be hurt?

who should be shamed?

am i s’pose to change or are you s’pose to change?

whats our problem? weve got issues…

lets resolve”

we cant solve this…

a change came upon us

i fell asleep on the desk

before you crept back in

pissed is more than the feeling

the heat moment was the words from my mouth

you try to blame me, i dont even know the reason!

Stupid, yo?

get ur act right or else we wont be speakin

so whats it gonna be?

or more who blames who…

it took more than communication to only get skin-deep to you

but all ive said had been pushed aside for never

all the words, have been pushed up

now theyre all gone away

disagreement is not an answer

neither is an argument

weither youre mad or im mad

one of us is cryin on the inside…

ive learned from my lesson

what have you?

things’ve changed

i may not like change but my mind is opened

nobody, nobody wants to know the truth

the truth that comes from your mouth hurts more than theirs

you were more than mad

i know

so was i

Fuck U

is what you said

then why were hangin on that thing that was assumed in keepin us together?

you got in my space

oooo, how im a fool to even believe in you

but you cant make someone feel the emotions you do

so i ignore u

like you ignored me

you may be pissed at me

but already im feelin happy

says I

Please, please

dont ask were______ goin…

everytime i see ur face in my mind

i wanted to choke you, so you can feel what its like for your throat to close up…

like mine

i wanted to break that wine bottle cross ur head to feel what its like to have a jack-hammer in your head…

like mine

i wanted to physically hurt you so you know what its like…

like mine but more physically-emotionally inept

think of anew

so tell me

how will i see you in a several days?

nobody wanted to face the truth

i dont know anymore

coz you wont believe what life can do

i kno

blood is no thicker than water neither is being better than the other

ull still be pissed to hell and back

but what do i care

thats not hurtin me

no, no not one bit

but until you get over

maybe “US” will be an experience

yeah i look your way

you may look mine

well i dunno

but i kno your heartll be broken

as you get older, youll find out for yourself

in my mind, this is clear

till it happens to you…



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