Thursday, May 3, 2012

So Good

Destiny's Child - So Good

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Even though this week had been really crappy. I'm sorta happy today. Maybe it's because it's my Mama's Birthday today :D. I'm so happy & proud of her ^_^. And it also makes me happy because 25 years ago she was about to find out she was gonna have me. I can't believe she's already 66 years old ;).

She's been a good mom and took real good care of me. I'm happy and very thankful for all she's done for me. The least I could do was make her happy or try my best to lol. I'm total klutz and have my own issues but I would try my best for her ^_^.

And the best part about this is in 10 I can tell her all these good things again for Mother's Day.

So today as long a she's happy, I'm happy ^_^

And one day I hope I can I have kid or kids that'll feel the same way about me someday. I just hope I can be as good a mom as she was to me.


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