Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Resume pt 2

So I was told by a few douchewaffles that my last resume was not only too damn colorful with too many bunnies and my hideous picture. But it was so unprofessional all the little children in the world lost their virginity and innocence in one fell swoop.

Yea so I redid it and deleted all that "crap" and then just kept the stuff that was most important. Yet in still I still didn't get any job offers or interviews, so hell if I know.

Anyway here you go kids, if you want to see the last one click here. 

This is strictly meant for future employers looking to hiring individuals of my caliber.

And this is also for those of you that might need some help putting a "professional" resumé together if it's your first time, or it's been a LONG time since you last made one. So in that regards I hope it helps you out ^_^.

Link to My Resumé


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