Saturday, May 19, 2012


So I mentioned awhile ago in a post about seeing the DOUCHEWAFFLE I thought impregnated me with his mutant offspring and how I wouldn't know what to do of I saw him and I ended up seeing him and was completely oblivious to it when it did finally happen.

Yea, so on my mom's birthday we were out and about and we're sitting in the parking lot because we had just had a bite to eat, we were chit-chatting.

So in the midst of her conversation she stopped talking and I'm sitting here wondering what the fuck is wrong with the blog and site.....

Anyway, so I'm reading, seriously involved. Doing Nerd Stuff like Boss and my mom smacks the shit out of me and says LOOK LOOK LOOK!!

And I'm looking around like what what?? What's going on???

And she's like look no look over there ain't that him???


That guy you was messing around with, and she's in this awe like stupor.

I take a look and watch his walk for awhile and notice that it was indeed him. Never even noticed him, not even when walked pass the ca and was undoubtedly close. He apparently picked up a few groceries and had his kid so he pushed the cart to the edge of the parking lot. Then moseyed through the grass to get across the street to his house. However I told my mom I wasn't sure at first if that was him, because the little boy had gotten bigger and a little bit darker, even lost a little bit of that baby weight.

When he finally crossed the street, I told her if he went to the second house from that corner, that was definitely him. And he did. It was odd but then again I didn't care. Why would I?? Especially getting my feathers ruffled over someone who gave less than a damn about me.

My mom said she happened to notice the fact that his kid was acting like a monkey troll from the Deep Dark Jungle and was being a serious problem child. And my mom's like Madea—she's a true diciplinarian. She said she was thinking how much she would kick his little ass for talking back. Then when the dad finally looked her in the face, she said she was stunned too see him. And then tried to remember where she saw this misfit before. When it finally popped in her head, she said he was staring back and looking from her to me and then gave her this funky I'm mad face. She's like this MOTHERF———R!!! 

So I assumed that since he wasn't a fan of my mom and IF I had been by myself he might've said something to me....maybe, then again maybe not. Last I talked to his sorry ass he was trying to convince me that shit happens and we can be friends and we can do this and we can do that. No. No I'm sorry. I have nothing more to say to you. I didn't want to hear all the shoulda, coulda, wouldas. If you had to disrespect me to please your other two women, then no. If you allow your son and his mother to disrespect me, then no. I would've tried my best but in all honesty him having that kid was a serious turn off and even more so when his kid bitch slapped me. WHOOOO I wanted to kick his ass like he was a grown ass man too!! Plus I didn't appreciate him not taking me home, it was very apparent that you really didn't care for me, but I'm not about to be your sometimey sex buddy either.

Only god knows what would've happened if I did end up pregnant by him, it would've been a disaster!! But he told me from the get go if I ever got pregnant it's not his, he not taking care of it and I need to handle the situation immediately. OH OH, EXCUSE THE FRENCHTOAST & CANADIAN BACON OUT OF ME!!!

Only thing I was disappointed about was that I missed the glares him and my mama was throwing each other lol.

All in All it made me think. Like do you feel that awkwardness when you see someone you used to mess around with?? Or maybe it's me. I just get embarrassed as hell and regret the whole situation in fucking around with him on that level...that intimate level. Then I have to wonder, does he talk about me to other people or make jokes bout it?? Maybe I'm twisted as hell in the head, but it just seems weird to me. It's not like you're gonna be all "OH HEY FUCK BUDDY!!" at the grocery store or restaurant lol. But it the uneasy eye contact, and then you mind begins to roam and you're like I hope they don't come over here my way the whole time or I hope they didn't notice, I hope Halle Berry's standing behind me type shit. Ehh maybe eventually it'll be a forgotten thing.

Or maybe it's because of thinking I was pregnant that makes it weird and uncomfortable. You know?? Regardless of what any girl says, you know who you last slept with. You know who the daddy is, and if you love each other or hate each others GUTS. He will be the only thing that stays constantly on your mind. You can't help it, besides you are carrying a part of him inside of you. Let me tell you, an accidental or false pregnancy will have you thinking A LOT of things [Read: Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe]. But I will say when you dislike or don't get along with the "potential" baby's father it will put a damper on your feelings and how you feel about your child. I know, even though I wanted to keep the baby because it was mine, a part of me didn't want it because it was his baby something I didn't want to deal with because I was so angry with him. It makes things hard in all honesty. I don't know how these girls and women do it. I would've snapped a long time ago.

But I guess seeing an EX-whatever is an experience all within itself, too.


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