Saturday, May 19, 2012

Marriage License

A Marriage License is basically an ok to get married. To me I guess that's ok, but then it's like is it really necessary?? If they were going to have one, they should give it out to people who's been married a number a years and consider it a formidable source of identification like your ID or Drivers License.

The reason why this plagued me so, was because I thought of all the chicks I know who all claim to be married to this poor old soul. But what I don't understand is the fact that it cost so much money. When I last checked it was $87. What's so amusing is that these are the same people who feel that a $22 canister of baby formula is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Yea if you're too cheap to buy anything for your baby, I seriously doubt you would get married and then to benefit the baby mostly.

When I told my mother how much it cost she was so appalled at the thought of it. It totally blew her mind. Well when she and my dad got married their marriage license only costed them $3. Go ahead and get it out of your system now.

Done?? Ok moving on...

My parents got married in 1966, however before you could get the marriage license you had to go through this serious protocol. You had to have a medical check up and give blood and urine samples. You had to test for diseases, STDs & STIs, they wanted your weight and height and where you last worked and all this stuff. In once sense it truly seems like a lot of unnecessary craziness just to marry someone. However on the same token it was pretty worth it, you didn't have to worry if the person had cheated on you, or contracted a transferable disease. I'm not say that all marriages, but a good many of them during that time got married and stayed married. Hell my parents would've been married for 46years if my dad had lived. But even when he died 42 years of marriage wasn't bad, and that's not counting the 15 years prior to marriage they had been together and that included engagement years too.

Nowadays that's a rare thing to find, it's a good thing if you find people still together the next day after the wedding lol. Then the people who were together some odd 30+ years who break up and call it quits, just baffles me. Makes me wonder were you guys fabricating a happiness and then got in too deep and realized way to late that it wasn't what you truly wanted?? Or was it because of some stupid ho?? Whatever it was, I hope you both felt it was worth it and won't regret in the serious long run.

However what's so funny is the fact that even though that Marriage amongst heterosexual couples are slowly but swiftly falling apart, they deny homosexual couples the right to get married. If they want to why not let them and be over it. Then those retards that bring in the whole "what the bible say" conversation are so overrated. If you want to talk about bible stuff, I doubt it says that getting a divorce is ok, let alone allowed. Then again it was ok to cheat so I guess that's a plus....maybe(?). But that could also be due to more and more people who grow up in single parent families, or unmarried parents households. I don't blame them, but it's taught to the child. Like for example I was taught that people got married and got a house and kids and all that goodness. While some girls my age grew up with just a single mom and a few or a bunch of siblings. Or were even brought up by grandma or auntie. So what you learn as a child, it's right for the moment. However it can either be a blessing or very detrimental later in life. Like a little boy who sees his father beat or disrespect his mother, he will think that's how you treat a woman. He will most definitely love his mother, but his outlook on loving a woman would be wrong and messed up. Then if the same family had a daughter also, she would think that's what love is when the man beats on you or abuses you emotionally, mentally or verbally. It'll be just as bad for as it was for her brother. Just imagine what their children would be like, and so on and so forth. It'd be a vicious horrible cycle. Not saying that it doesn't already happen now.

Another thing, is when have a man that actually wants to marry them and then get into this whole I DON'T WANNA GET MARRIED PREGNANT!! Well the Unicorns & Santa Claus don't want to be "fake" either but you can't have what you want all the time neither. Hell I could be a full blown 9 months, big bellied and I would happily waddle my fat ass down the aisle and call it a happy day. At least my baby has a legitimate last name. Or those that do get a proposal and they wait and wait and wait and he's always talking about, we'll do it next year. Eff that let's go down to the courts and do it now. But then again it's not good to rush or force people. However I think you should know if you want to marry someone and you'd want to do it as soon as possible.

Then again that's how I was raised. We are all different. I just find it silly that these women have to lie about being married or pretend. When it's apparent he's not interested or would rather not fork up the $90 just to give you his last name.

Hey may one day it'll change and people will be able to get married and actually mean it. The Homos can get married without being judged and maybe marriages will last a lot longer than they do now.

But that's like hoping one day unicorns will roam pastures, valleys and have a reserve dedicated to them lol.


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