Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Good Lesson

Call it silly, but I was woken up to Babar this morning. It will probably always have my attention as I think back to childhood and how I would wake up early on Saturday Mornings to watch Babar The Elephant King. That with Madeline, Tin Tin & Snowy and a few others lol.

So on Baba the kids were having a discussion on doing this school project on how to promote understanding. So they decided that Babar would trade places and royal duties with Lord Rataxes ruler of Rhinoland. You have to know the story to know what I'm talking about. It's a great story for your kids. My mom brought me a few of the books that came out back in the late 1980s and early 90s.

Anyways, I'm sitting here watching this. At first it was a silly concept. That's like Republicans and Democrats trading places or Country Leaders trading places for learning how the other rules their land and understand the do and don'ts. That's more of childlike feature. I say that because only children take time out to think that far ahead and are more willing to let bygones be bygones and be more understanding.

To be honest I was surprised when Babar and Rataxes agreed to do it. Even though it turned out to be a disaster as I expected. It made me really think about it. Even thought they rarely got along well within the story Babar and Rataxes were willing to take time out and try this concept asked by their kids. Even though it didn't work out quite the way either expected and they didn't really become open minded enough to each others way of doing things. They were able to understand a little bit about what each other's choice of ruling has led to their Land.

And what I found so interesting about it was the fact that it made more sense after it was over and I'm like what the hell?? Why can't be do this as adults???

Why can't we stop and take time and see things from another's point of view. I don't mean the whole look at it from a different perspective. Because even when we do that we still look at it from our perspective and consider how to handle it the only way we know how. And that's from our perspective. Then when the situation turns out different or worse. It was because handled it on our own accords and not how the other individual would have in their own way. It's quite strange but makes sense. However because once we get into our age we chose not to do it. It's not a selfish thing or a "want to" type of thing either. We develop habits and conditioned responses that are next to the impossible to break. We even inherit habits from out parents and family that you may do and never even consider it!!

I know when I was a kid whenever I ate something like yogurt or ice cream or pudding. I always took my spoon and got a big spoonful and flipped it over and into my mouth it would go. Why I always did that I dunno. It was a habit. Then one day around the time I was a teenager I went to ask my parents a question. There sat my dad with his yogurt and he got a big old spoonful and flipped the spoon upside and popped it in his mouth. Well watching such a spectacle all I could do was scream in horror because I was turning out like my father more and more and to me that was father from cool! When my mom finally got the answer from me as I continued screaming to my room. My dad sat there dumbfounded and asked, "What's up with her??" since he had no sisters everything I did was strange to him.

My mom calmly said, "Well she just realized she eats things with a spoon just like you and it's apparent it was very disturbing."

No matter how hard I try, it's a habit that I can't break and hey who's to know. Maybe my kids will develop the same habit and be just as freaked out lol.

But it's sorta sad that as adults we bitch and moan and strictly see things our way and our way only. And refuse to change or fix that. I think it a serious shortcoming that poses a lot of our current problems. Then again that would make problem loving too easy and something's wouldn't be solve properly and the world may have turned out to be a different place.

It was a good lesson to learn and even know of for future reference. Maybe one day that might change and the world might develop that concept.

Until then, I say kids have a better outlook on today's world than we adults do—to a point of course XD.

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