Friday, May 25, 2012

Egypt the Stray Cat

So on Tuesday the same day as the Think I'm Finally Over It post, something funny—well not humorous more like cute—happened.

When I first went outside I heard this cat meowing and crying. I wondered for awhile where it was or if it was hurt or something but no sign of it. Shortly before the I'm over it incident I saw the kitty over by the neighbors directly across the street from me. It was one porch and left and went to the next one and then went and looked around the trash can the neighbor keeps out.

Well when she came home with her little niece, the little girl wanted to play with the cat. Her aunt told her no and to leave it alone. So they charged up into the auntie's house with their Dairy Queen Blizzards and slammed the door shut in the kitty's face. So the kitty went up the street to the neighbor who was having company (the ones that were hitting on the mailman earlier). They screamed and cussed the animal out and threw water and some other stuff at it. It ran away and went back to the Auntie's house and by this time she was sitting out there talking and blazaying. She got mad and scream at the kitty when it came up on her porch. She cussed at it and poked it with a stick.

So the whole while I sat there like, something's not right. The cat was overly friendly. More friendly than the regular Strays. The regular strays had such a bad attitude people ran away from them than the other way around. They're would snap at you in a minute. However they do love Jesus (the crazy hippy from across the street) since he does feed them. But this cat, s/he was different.

So the cat went back up the street to the conversing neighbors and got hollered at and chased away again. It eventually came to my driveway and sat there crying like it's feelings had been hurt bad. I peeped at it over the railing and it looked at me. I won't lie, I was so mesmerized I couldn't help but stare back. Something like when Sailor Moon met Luna (again) for the first time.

This stray cat that was this odd grey with splotches of this beautiful tan color something like a Carmel or Camel color. Had these bright golden colored eyes. It wasn't like a yellow or a hazel. But bright golden colored eyes that just lit up even more when the sun hit them. It then jumped up on our bottom step and sat there meowing and peeping back at me. Before finally deciding coming up to the porch to greet me. I was a little off standish because I wasn't sure if it was upset or angry and would snap on me or not. So it came under my chair and the chair next to the one I was in and laid down. I actually moved my seat to where my mama would sit because I wanted
to be safe than sorry. Then s/he came over to me and looked and and sniffed me, trotted down the steps and left for a minute.

I felt sorry for it and wanted to help. So after a few moments of deciphering, I decided to feed it. Unfortunately all I had was the yogurt cups with a little bit left off and some cottage cheese. I filled it up and waiting for it to come back and it did. It jumped on the window ledge was checking out the screen door and I had to lure it to the bottom of the steps and it ate the yogurt and cottage cheese cup happily. Then it came prancing up to the porch and rubbed my legs and kissed my toes do happily. I couldn't help but feel all warm and fuzzy.

The neighbor across the street and the mom with her grown daughters asked me if it was my cat. I said no, I just fed it a little bit. The one lady said, "Well for it to not be your cat it seems very happy and satisfied with you. It's almost as if you belong to it."

The whole afternoon we spent together. I was actually genuinely happy. And it had been such a long time since I felt like that. I was happy to be with the cat. Who followed me the whole time even helped me sweep up the helicopters that had fallen off our tree. I played with it and talked to it. And as I stood in the driveway staring at this pretty stray cat I couldn't help but want to name it. So I nick-named it Egypt. It's posture reminded me a lot of an Egyptian Mau. But either way it was a friendly, happy an very obedient cat. What I loved the most about the cat is that it was so appreciative of the small amount of kindness I showed it. Egypt didn't judge me, or point out my flaws, and it didn't even make fun of my flat Daisy Duck feet lol. It loved me just for a small act of kindness. And it blew me away it made me very happy. I wanted to keep it but I knew my mom isn't much of a cat lover, well an animal lover period. Then also it could've been someone else's pet and it would be right or nice o take it away. So while I could I tried to shoo it away. No matter what it came back to me and rub my leg. No matter how many times I tried it came back. But then I realized it was afraid of the big yellow broom. And eventually I got it to go off while I went into the house. It was for the best.

I told my mom about the cat and she wonder who it could've possibly belonged to.

So I ended up having to run an errand. I went outside and as soon a I got to the end of the driveway, there sat Egypt waiting patiently for me. It pranced over and rubbed my leg happily. I was so surprised, because I thought it would be mad or afraid of me. It wasn't. It was just as happy. And stood there with me. Egypt even let me pat it's head. It followed me to the car and I had to tell Egypt that it could go with me. But still it followed. Even followed me to the drivers side of the car. I had to pick Egypt up and stamp my feet to keep it from running after me, and especially the street with the crazies that fly up and down it. It sat there on the little wall that frames our lawn. Staring and watching as I got in the car. It gave me such a sad look I wanted to take it with me. But I knew I couldn't. As I was pulling off, Egypt jumped off the wall and stood there on the sidewalk, looking so unhappy and lonely. It sat there looking as if it was contemplating whether I would come back or not.

That was the last time I saw Egypt.

I kinda wonder if it finally found its way back home to its loving family. Or if it got lost again and went to visit another neighborhood. Either way I'll still look out for him/her. And maybe I'll buy some kitty treats too lol.

I will say that even though it was just one afternoon. I was happy I got to spend it with someone else who was happy to spend it with me. I'm kind of sad and maybe I sort f got attached to Egypt. But either way I'm happy it happened. Least now I know I definitely want a cat, maybe I'll find another Egypt, one I can call my own or a new kitty just for me. Someone for me to love and to love me back without wondering or worrying.

And maybe, just maybe, that's what I was missing from my life. A pretty stray cat who I called Egypt who loved me that day no matter what and gave me hugs and kisses.

I think that'll be another new goal. Finding a kitty to call my own. To be honest I was contented even with the thought of being a future crazy cat lady lol. Especially if I had a cat like Egypt.

Maybe I'll get to see Egypt again, and then again maybe it was a good thing to have met Egypt so my loneliness could be eased a little bit. That's what makes me the happiest.

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