Wednesday, May 2, 2012

25DOB | Day 8

"1 Child, 2 Rooms, 3 Places"

Everyone finds the luxury about being an only child. Yes it's nice to have your own things and toys, sharing is like ancient history and you get to be spoiled because you're the only one. Yes those are all lovely. But let me tell you, it can be very lonely and unhappy at times. Especially at a time like this, I would love to have a sister or even a brother to cling on to and spend the rest of forever with. It would also be nice not to be alone indefinitely when my mom decides to take her exit or permanent leave from this Earth. It's even sadder when what little family you have has disown you and refuses to be bothered with you. Like me. Basically I came here an only child and had to deal with loneliness whether I wanted to or not. But for it to be just ME and only me is very scary, a little bit heartbreaking. Which I guess you could say why I'm eager in having my own family. I don't want to be that old lady at the hospital with no family to visit me whilst the crazy nurses abuse me and take my check until I die. God that's unpleasant...

ut that's a different story lol.

ne thing I did like about being the only child was having my own room. Peace and quiet and I could always do what I want. Had my own things in there. Basically my room was my sanctuary. But what made it extra special was when my parents let me change rooms.

ou ever see those movies and the oldest kid gets a new room in the house?? Yea that's sorta what happened lol. My parents got new furniture for me and felt it was time I left the room I called home since I was born and move into a bigger room in the house. To accommodate all of the furniture and new stuff. So about when I was about 16 we fixed up the room, because it was once my mom's sewing, arts and craft room. And I moved into my new room in September right before my Junior year of high school. I was so excited I told my friends at school. But they really didn't understand since they either shared a room with a sibling or never had their own room EVER before

Yea didn't work out like I thought it would like it did in the movies lol. But either way I was happy and I've been in that room ever since. Added a few things here and there. It's not like it was in high school but feels a little more grown up than the small room I occupied as a child. Eventually someday it get a nice paint job in a electric neon blue =D oh yea!! Hehehee XD maybe trimmed in black with new furniture and maybe a futon or something and more accessories lol. But I've still got time to do that as well. I like the way it is now. It's has that homey feel to it and I'm not ready to let it go. Plus some of my other stuff still occupies the other roomSO in actually I have two bedrooms ^_^. 

Now not only did I live at home for 18 years. I ended up moving on campus while I was in college. It was like moving out but Mummy & Diddy was always there at my beck-and-call like the partially spoiled snot I was XD. Hey least I wasn't rotten ok!!
orm life is an experience all in itself. Especially if you're close to home. My parents would shit bricks when I said I wanted to spend the weekend, only because I was too lazy to pack up or too tired to really be in the mood for them. But I'll be honest. I hated having a roommate. I did have two good ones and I love those girls to death but OMG I be jail is much more pleasant wise compared to that!! My first night there was strange and unusual as it always it. But by the next morning not only did I get a rude awakening of rap music up I've me, no one didn't care and refuse to do anything about it!! I bet Hell is much more livable place. Well either way I lived in that neighborhood for about 3.5 years and I really liked it a lot. Even though McKeesport is having issues. I still liked it an would totally live out there (and White Oak) again.

ut I didn't really learn or maybe I didn't realize I was on my own until I moved to Altoona for school. New town, New People, New School, New Place, Living with strangers. I GOT THIS!! I've been the new kid a bunch of times!! I'm not so sure about them strangers though (>_O ).

ot only was my first set of roomies younger than me, but they weren't really happy to have me as a roommate. The girl I lived with was the pits! She refused to talked to me, didn't want me touching her things, or watching her tv. She would even get mad because I wouldn't go to bed at 6pm like she wanted to. I spent a lot of nights out in the lobby sleeping and doing homework. Then it blew me away and she brought her lesbian lover to spend the weekend with us and I had to be subjected to their lovemaking.

ook to each their own, but c'mon now.

ust you guys bang whilst I'm in the room??? 


ell after constant wars with her, and my family and the school and missing my dad. The stupid little cunt had the nerve to say I took her package from the mail room. When you get a package at college they give you a receipt like paper saying you got a package and need to sign for it and all this FBI protocol. Now we don't even have the same name how could I take your package??? I swear to yawl I wanted to kick thy Lil girl's ass that day. Wanted to slam a lunch tray upside her head. She was so damned evil.

ell trying to move or switch roommates was like putting a classified on Craigslist for a prostitutenot happening. So when spring break was nearing I was planning on leaving and not coming back. That's how pissed I was. And having horrible roommates in the past an one being my stupid cousin. Talking didn't solve it. Remember everyone's entitled to their opinion and what they want to say. If they want to lie that's their choice, and you can't get pissed and mad. Cause there's nothing you can do about it. Well thank the lord for Madea, she called up there and cussed that dude out. And when spring break did roll around I was moved into a new room. In the miss of my moving the little cunt had the nerve to get happy I was leaving. Or so she thought. Never corrected her or the other two hoes.

nfortunately kids, the grass was DEFINITELY NOT greener on the other side. Thinking I had a "problem" they threw me in with 3 black girls. I wasn't being racist but damn to stick me in a room with 3 white girls who weren't fans of people of color. And then because my dad was white pissed them off even more. So I was screwed from the get go. But to put me in with black peopleno that's not what I was trying to say. My new roomie had a new beau every weeknight. Except for weekends because se went one and the other was a severe alcoholic I'm sure. The other girl was really nice I liked her. She got on the good roomie list lol. Living in that hell hold for 5 months just mentally messed me up. I guess one woulda expected me to come back pierced and tarted then but no I just had blonde hair and boy hair cut lol. 

When May finally rolled around I was so happy to go home. I was tired of school tired of the crazies. Plus my family was playing mind games. They said 2 hours was too far for them to drive and pick me up. But as soon as I dropped out everybody had a bitch but nobody was dropping $100,000 in my lap either.

owever I will say I learned how to survive. The grocery store wasn't in walking distant like it was in McKeesport, so I had to learn how to catch a cab. I'll be honest and admit I was scared for my life but it was something I had to do. I had I learn how to get food because that cafeteria food was worse than Gruel :[. I refused to eat there. What made it worse I had to do a lot o online ordering because the town was so ass backwards it wasn't even funny!! That was also an experience within itself. One I don't ever want to relieve lol. I liked the town just the people at the college were weird as fuck.

ver see that Space Invaders movie??? Guy goes to the weird town loping for his ex-wife?? Yea that's Altoona, PA XXDDD LMFAO.

ut then I had to do that dreadful move back home. Not only did I not know anything about it it was like learning rules for a new dorm XD. It took a minute to get it together. But I've been back home or 3 years now. So it's been ok. Of course all young people want our own place right??

ight now I'm more tempted into buying a house coz if I had to resort back to "dorm-roommate life" again....I'd die a lot on the inside. I really would. 

So between the 3 places I've lived and the many rooms I've had, I like it where I'm at. It's homey, comfortable and somewhat peaceful. Except for the loud uncouth African Americanas out here lol.

ut I guess in due time I'll get back into the swing of things lol. I do know one day I would like to strike it back out there on my own and maybe even move out of state!!

ut those are wishes yet to come true, right?? ;D


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