Tuesday, May 1, 2012

25DOB | Day 7

"A Princess Dream"

I've always been a dreamer. I would daydream about fantastical places and far off lands no one knew about or dared to think of. I'd get so caught up and lost in fantasy that the real world didnt matter. However I couldn't say the same about the dreams and nightmares I would have at night.

Ever since I could remember, I would always dream something and it felt so real that it was beyond surreal and scary. It would feel like a total déjà vu moment. Not just one like OH HEY I REMEMBER THAT OR I KNEW I DID THIS BEFORE. But more like a déjà vu yet to happen. Or if it did happen, I personally assumed it was a past life memory.

hen I was kid it used to scare me and be strange. Who wants to dream about what was yet to come?? No one to be honest. Sleep and night time was meant for Serenity. Not chaos, confusions and fear lol. As I got older I would have dreams of different things yet to be done. And make note of them when they would happen. Then it got to a point I would dream about someone close to me whom I would see the next day. I knew exactly where I would see them and what time of day. 

Then of course it would turn into other strange things and themes. And now that I think back on it I suppose it was more of a hint or giving me a heads up and at the time I refuse to take heed. I remember when my mom got sick and one of the times she had to go into the hospital. I had a dream about the whole ordeal the night before and when it came true I was total wreak that Saturday. It seems after that one the dreams became more and more realistic. Some things that would happen I would feel that déjà vu nostalgia and make mental note. I remember having a dream in high school about being in college. Turns out it was a class from my sophomore year. I guess in another sense that why I love the story about Joseph and his dream coat. Deciphering dreams to mean something is one thing but when you get the answer head on and life plays out that same exact wayit can be frightening at first. However later on it can bring some comfort.

guess in one way it is an inherited trait lol. My mom would have creepy dreams like I do. However hers were more twisted in a way. She would dream of people and knew when their death was. She told my dad when his grandmother, father, uncle and a few other died. Which would always trip him out. He didn't like strange things like that lol. Even when one of my cousins died when I was a kid, the family ask her had se had a dream about it. But it's been awhile since she had a dream like that. Now she only seem to dreams of crazy things and having conversations with my dad. I dream about him too. But it's never all rainbowy and happy like hers is. It's either full of torment, sadness or a mind game of some sort. The other night I had a dream about him and he told me it was important to meet this guy. A guy whom I can't recall his last name just that is name was Mark. An older gentleman, probably my dad's age. But it seemed I was more focused on what he was writing in this notebook. I guess I couldn't help and reminisce his hand writing. Then his long fingernails and large hands. But he looks way too real to touch. And all he kept saying it was important to meet this guy. I dunno. All the dreams that include him are looney and full of torment lol.

I did have this one dream a couple months ago about this world Apocalypse and it was sorta scary but exciting in a way. But I can also be wrong, so we won't play too much into it lol. There was another dream I had around the same time I considered turning into a story. Hmm. I already did a few of them. One happens to be over 500 pages longhandwritten in pencil, front and back.
rregardless of its strangeness and unusual rarity. I like it, it keeps my mind open to that fantasy world I Once lived in as a child. And it helps with my creativity. I may ponder things differently and come up with a strange solution to anything that comes my way. But I'm happy. I always think when something doesn't go right what would happen if this or what would happened if that?? 

One thing I've been considering for a long time is why haven't they made a story about a sad broken heart princess for us older girls?? Ok hear me out! I'm all for Cinderella and Snow White, Rapunzel and even the Swan PrincessBut imagine if there were a princess maybe even two. Who never got that fairy tale ending that was always promised to her?? What of she had to change plans or her decision at the last minute?? What if the prince she met was in love or betrothed to some other Princess?? What of she had to find her own happiness or pick a situation just out of convenience just to exist, so to speak??
Sounds dreadfully sad, but I think it could run out to be a beautiful story if written well ^_^.
Do you think I should write it?? Lol
But either way it's just a dream a thought right??

lus Cinderella said it best,

"A Dream is a wish your heart makes. The Dream that you wish will come true."

nd that particular wish is bound to become more true than any of the other wishesor at least that's my understanding

'm still a Pri[ncess] who's wishing to become a Queen someday, after all =]...


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