Wednesday, May 16, 2012

25DOB | Day 22

"The Baby Dinosaur Story"

I thought this story would make the end no so damn gloomy and unhappily depressing lol.

Anyway my mom from time to time remembers things and starts to tell me about it. So she asked me weeks ago actually like back there when I only had a few topics for the 25 Days of Bunny, if I remembered the time about the baby dinosaurs.

I'm like no, and it sounded a bit silly.

She brought it up only because I was mentioning baby names that I really liked that I would name my kids (I was certain then, but of I had them) in the near distant far-off future. She said that she hope my naming skills would be better as an adult than they were as a child.

Well back when I was just a little bunny, a ChibiUsa if you will, she would sign me up for different programs during the summer. All were different camps, and a couple week programs, that dealt with learning something and having loads of fun. So one such said camp was Zoo Camp at our local zoo. It lasted mostly the whole summer from what I can remember and we had class and learned stuff about animals and even got to see the animals or help feed them—supervised of course.

So one of our assignments was that we needed to come up with 12 baby names. Because we were learning about dinosaurs. The teacher said we all would get our 12 Baby Dinos and we had to get them names. My mom said we would get our babies toward the end of camp.

My mom said I came home with my homework assignment and asked her and my dad for help, showed them my paper and began brainstorming. So my parents were picking out nice names like Sally, George, Laura, Dan, etc.

My mom said I didn't like those names and I got defiant and found something else to ponder as usual.

So everyday for about 2 months I ask my mom and dad about what I should name my 12 babies. My parents patience had worn thin and they were getting fed up giving me ideas and possibilities and I didn't like any of them. My mom said she asked me why don't I name one Isabell. Isabell is the name of my childhood doll. I got her when I was 7 months old and she's still with me ^_^ and will be 25 in December :D haha. So what? You're jeally! Hehehee

Well she said I didn't like the thought of naming one of the "new" babies, Isabell. It wasn't right and was disturbing to say the least. Plus its still an unknown mystery where I got the name Isabell to begin with.

So when the day finally came where we could take our babies home, it was joyous occasion and all the kids were happy. Including me too. The teacher had gotten recycled egg cartons and the plastic Easter eggs and filled them with dinosaurs. But for a little kid it was a big thing. When I told my mom what I named the babies she said I should share that information with my father when he got home from work that day.

Here comes Dad at 5:15pm in from work. I happily skipped to see him and told him that we got the baby dinosaurs and were able to bring them home.

So my father asked me what their names were:

Unfortunately my mom could only remember 6 of the 12 baby names.

Cheetos - after the snack. Why?? Because Cheetos were good lol.

Barney - after the the awesome purple dinosaur. How could you go wrong with that??

Batman - Why?? Batman is awesome that's why lol.

Uncle Bill - one of my favorite uncles who lives up in Michigan. He was a professor at one of the colleges here and was a great someone to look up to.

St. Helen - my dad asked me and my mother where the blazes had I gotten that name from. My response was its a Vo-cano.

Sailor Moon - Why? Because sailor moon is awesome. I remember going to the store as a kid and seeing all the sailor moon merchandise. Hell she was like the next biggest thing since Dragon Ball Z!

Now as for the other 6 baby Dino's, Lord only knows what I names those ones. But I thought it was so hilarious. My mom was fed up and stopped caring, while my dad was spun founded at the names I picked. She said he asked her late that night after I had gone to bed what was wrong with me and why I named the Dino's that. She said it wasn't the point. If its what made me happy, then that's fine. Besides there's no way in making her change her mind once it's already made up.

My dad was an intelligent man and the slightest thing I did would always rattle his brain and question his intelligence and drive him completely mad.

Lol I thought it was a good story. And it made my day hearing my mom tell me how difficult I was being about naming my babies.

But just so you know, no I won't be naming my kids after snacks or Super Heroes

I like the names Leona, LeToya, Cerenity and Taliyah for girls. And for the boys, I dunno I like a bunch of them like Joaquin, Eli and Jacob. But then I also like Leon, Terrace and Nathaneal lol. Ehh I guess I'll figure it out and if all else fails I can always name him Cheetos or Bruce Wayne XD hahahaha.


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