Monday, May 14, 2012

25DOB | Day 20

"Jack Of All Trades"

About a year or so ago, I was trying to figure out what exactly what I wanted to do with myself. I took time out and thought about it. And you know how when you're a kid you have all these things you want to be. I know when I was little I wanted to be a ballerina, a doctor, a teacher, a model/actress, a mom, and so many more I can't recall. However as we grow older and start entering the force field known as "adulthood" we're told we have to pick one thing and one thing only. Irregardless—pick something and make that your livelihood make that your "rest of your life" project. But it's hard, during those years you're still figuring out who you are and what you're doing and how to figure this and that out. It's a mess!! I will say that for some it does work out and they can figure out what they want and can commit to that one thing for the rest of their lives. While others can't necessarily figure out and got some soul searching to do. Then there are people like me who's caught in between and can't figure out how the hell to exactly execute this thing called Life. Let alone make something of ourselves.

Well, I sat there that day and realized why can't I revert back to that childhood way of thinking?? It's not like there's some rule against it or there's someone to tell you "NO."

I'll tell you exactly when I figured it out. I was home that night playing with my Sims 3 and I got my little family there with me, my mom and dad. So when in the midst of picking a career for Sim Daddy, I knew from personal experience he didn't have one set career or one set job. He had plenty of them!! So I decided that Sim Daddy would be a Jack of All Trades. Now I'll admit when I was younger, when I would hear that term, I also thought of a person who never wanted to work at one place for too long or couldn't keep one set Jon for too long whether because he was fired or lost his job. That person was a loser and chose that lifestyle. Now that's not necessarily true, there are people like that, but they're doing so because they're lazy or have someone to depend heavily upon. But I thought about my dad. He was a true Jack of All Trades. He work at an engineer company, the phone company, the national treasury office (also known as the IRS), he even worked at Xerox what was once the biggest copier machine company as well as the National Security Agency in Washington, DC. He wasn't a loser. So I thought well why can't I be a Jack (or Jackie) of All Trades. It'll make life more exciting and moveable. And you'll never know exactly what you'll find. Then I thought about the skills I had. I may not know how to cook like most females do. But I know some handy work. Nothing extreme, but I can change fuses in a car, do some minor electrical work, a little bit of plumbing, etc. But it's good to know, you'll never know what'll happened.

So I decided I would be a Jack of All Trades and work different jobs. It may not look good to most people and employers included. However, I think it makes you a well rounded person. You experience different things and learn stuff you may not have known. For all you know, what you learn at one job, maybe applied to another or be useful down the road.

Even though my job searching and work finding is the pits and stuff. Doesn't mean I still can't accomplish this particular goal. I'm not saying I'll be changing jobs to suit myself or because I may not feel like it. I will stay as long as possible with a job and work hard at that job and when the time comes along and I may need to change or broaden my horizons and move on to something else.

So just because you had many things you wanted to do as a kid, doesn't mean you can't still adopt that concept just in a more mature and adult way. You can still be that firefighter, policeman, pilot, businessman, mailman if you want to and don't let no one tell you different. It's your life. Don't go off and do what you love, when you have to treat it as a hobby or work it will soon lose its effect. It will be boring and turn into more of a chore. So find a few interests and follow them. Make life as interesting and as happy as possible. You only get one try and being miserable for the long haul isn't fun at all.

So take it from me, a girl who knows a bunch of stuff without a degree in anything. You can do whatever you like, just work hard and try your best. You'll be a professional Jack in no time!!


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